Sunday, January 14, 2024

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Investigation: 'LITTLE BEINGS' & CRYPTID SIGHTINGS in Northwestern York County, PA


Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Investigation - Northwest York County, Pennsylvania

Date: Saturday, January 14, 2024 - Late Afternoon

Temperature: Mid-30s F - Winds 5-20 MPH

Location: Lattimore / Clear Spring region of York County, PA

Investigators: Lon Strickler & Chad Redding

I was contacted 2 weeks before the on-site investigation by a resident concerning unexplained activity on and around his property. The location is east of the northern section of the Michaux State Forest, south-southeast of Stone Head Peak and White Rock Mountain, which is the northern spur of the South Mountains in the Blue Ridge Mountain Range. The Mason-Dixon Trail Western Terminus and the Appalachian Trail are also located in the region.

Arriving at the location, we met with the property owner who took us to a small valley and drainage run located behind the residence. According to the witness, his dog was let loose from its lead on several occasions, which would have required a collar bolt to be unscrewed. One evening in June 2023, after the dog was let loose, the witness observed 'up to a dozen' shadow-like figures with bluish-silver eyes (that projected light) manifesting along the then-dry drainage run in the small valley. The beings would vanish and then reappear at different locations along the dry run. After observing the beings for 10-15 minutes, they eventually faded away. The witness had also mentioned that the beings had gained access to his bedroom on one occasion.

The witness also described various anomalies seen and experienced in the area since moving to the property in 2021. There was at least one 'hyena-like' cryptid canine sighting by his son, as well as another incident with a possible Bigfoot 'slapping' the outside of the residence near his daughter's bedroom. Also, the witness observed 2 big cats, possibly Eastern Pumas or mountain lions, sitting atop a shed on his neighbor's property. A neighbor also reported a 75-100 foot diameter UFO hovering above a roadway north of the witness' property.

The region is historically well-known for cryptid and unexplained activity, including Bigfoot, cryptid canines, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomenon. There is also a history of witchcraft and root conjuring in the area (and for most of South-Central Pennsylvania).

The witness mentioned an incident that was told to him by a clergyman of 'an attack on 2 Boy Scouts' by a red-eyed winged humanoid approximately 5 years ago at a 'camp near York, PA.' The only possible locations of Boy Scout camps in the York, PA area are Wizard Ranch BSA Camp in Hellam, PA, Camp Tuckahoe in Dillsburg, PA, and Camp Conewago near New Oxford, PA. (Camp Conewago is where I had my encounter with a red-eyed winged humanoid in October 1988). The attack was reported as a 'bear attack' according to the clergyman. More research is needed for this account.

Chad Redding later related to me his rather interesting Class-B Bigfoot encounter in the same general area on White Rock Mountain.

We will continue to stay in contact with the witness and follow up on the area.