Friday, September 1, 2023

UPDATE: Two Tall, Thin, & Muscular MANTIS-LIKE HUMANOIDS Seen Near Two Human Bodies in Eugene, Oregon


Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Regan Lee followed up on this report from Eugene, Oregon:

August 31, 2023

"Lon. The witness has ghosted me, I think. I have sent him several texts, emails, and phone calls but no response.

He did tell me though that, later that early evening of his encounter by the Willamette River, he felt ill and went to the ER. He didn’t specify which ER; there we have two hospitals in the area not too far from the Rose Gardens/river, so I assume he went to the Urgent Care which is a kitty-corner from the Sacred Heart Hospital. From his description of seeing cars circling around as if people were looking for him. You can’t see that from the hospital ER, so I guess he’s talking about Urgent Care. 

I haven’t heard any reports of similar things happening in the area. Lots of UFO reports, Eugene seems to be a mini UFO hot spot according to some, and I’ve seen several odd objects myself. (including missing time.) And Bigfoot of course.

The river is a lovely place, with lots of parks and swimming spots. The Rose Gardens. Etc. I wouldn’t go there at night or dawn; there are a lot of transients and attacks that have happened. But nothing that I know of that’s paranormal. 

Not much to report here I’m afraid. 

It’s certainly possible he saw something paranormal. I met someone years ago who insisted they saw a strange alien creature on the downtown mall...strange things do happen. Who knows?

Regan Lee"

The original report is as follows:

A Eugene, Oregon witness is taking photographs along the Willamette River early in the morning when he notices two tall, thin, and muscular Mantis-like humanoids near two human bodies.

I recently received the following account:

"Hi, Lon. This might be a long email as I'll include all the particulars. This happened to me in the early 2000s. It was nearing 4:45 AM and I was taking some time by the Willamette River before stores opened. I was living in Eugene, Oregon. The spot I chose to stop and rest was next to the famous Owen Rose Garden Park and Interstate 5 ran overhead. I was underneath and next to the river. It was springtime & the temperature was cold but not freezing. I put my back against one of the support beams from the highway and rested.

That's when I noticed some strange things going on across the river from where I was (maybe 50 feet on the bank). I saw 2 tall, thin but very muscular, mantis-insect beings on the other bank. I'm nauseated writing this now. The 1st one was less than 10 feet from the water's edge, not moving at all but eyes were open (glassy like mirrors). There was a person there, on the ground, face down and looking like maybe he fell? Then I noticed the 2nd hellion. I hadn't noticed him before because he wasn't all that clear. This creature was beating forward and back really quickly. He was leaning over another body. The body didn't move but this thing did. Very fast. A blur actually.

I became afraid at this point and slid my butt forward so my head and vision would go down. That's when I heard strange talking. I also heard the banging of metal on concrete. I looked up (I didn't want to) and saw what looked like a white, bald man with big black sunglasses. He was looking from behind the pillar barely 15 feet away from me! We just looked at each other and then I began sliding down as far as I could go and not see him. I thought to myself, "The hell with this!" I gathered my courage and jumped up, grabbed my bike, and began riding as fast as I could in order to get away.

Right after I started riding, I started throwing up. It was way too much for me. But then something flashed right by me in hyper speed. All I saw was this disturbance in the air! I said out loud, "What the hell was that?"

To feel safe, I ended up at our hospital sitting in the ER lobby. There was a car going around and around the block until about 6 -6:30 AM. The windows were fogged but I could see 3 outlines. Were they lost? I'm not sure. I went back 2 days later and there was nothing to stand on behind the pillar of the guy with glasses. The pillar goes right into the river. Also, I couldn't find any tracks on the other side, but it did look dug up. Like a dozer or something. There were also others in line, going up to the highway. I couldn't figure out where they were going?" D