Saturday, August 26, 2023

WINGED HUMANOID Recently Reported Over Evanston, Illinois Public Storage


I recently received a new report of a winged humanoid sighting in Evanston, Illinois. The witness was at a Public Storage facility and happened to see the being gliding above her.

"Hi, Lon. I decided to come forward and tell you about my early and most encounters. I've never told a soul about this, fearing that I would be rebuffed.

My earliest experience was on a November 2014 night at approximately 9PM, and I was in my bed watching television. I was 17 years old and living at home with my parents and younger brother in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

Directly above my bed were three windows with glass panels. The television was to the left of my bed. Suddenly, my attention was drawn to the floor approximately four feet from the desk my television was on. What I saw was a beam of light moving very quickly in small circles in one concentrated spot on my floor. The circle motions it made were not perfect, the best I can describe them as were "wobbly circles." The beam was solid, pure solid light, and approximately an inch or less wide. It was very thin. The color was pure white with somewhat of a blueish tinge around the outside of the beam. The beam itself was bright but did not seem to emit any light beyond its edges. My room was not filled with light, only this beam.

I watched the light for about 30 seconds, but I began to feel dread and fled my room in a state of total panic. I was not able to tell exactly which of the three windows the beam was aimed through, but assumed that had it beamed straight into my room onto the wall parallel it would be 90 degrees, I would estimate that it hit my floor at a diagonal angle of about 60 degrees. 

When I got downstairs, I looked outside to see any evidence of a craft (I have never to my knowledge witnessed a UFO) and there was none. There were no aircraft of any kind besides high-flying commercial planes. I did not tell anyone in my house about what I had seen. I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me or what had actually happened, but I saw something. When I checked the area later, there was no evidence whatsoever of the beam having ever touched my floor.

Two days later, I witnessed one more anomalous event which I believe may be connected, and this time my younger brother was also a witness. A pitch black figure, which appeared to be two dimensional, in a very humanoid form quickly passed across a window and wall which were directly in front of where we were sitting, about 12 feet away. The figure had no discernable features on its face, no clothing, and no hair. Just a round head and human-like torso were all we were able to make out. It was impossible to make a height estimate. It was for certain inside our house, not a reflection from outside. The sighting of this "being" lasted about 10 seconds. Then it faded away. There was no logical explanation for what we saw, it was most certainly paranormal. I have seen a figure like that once before and I am certain it was of the same nature.

Recently (August 15, 2023), I witnessed a dark humanoid-like being that I saw flying in the early evening sky (around 7:15 PM). It had large wings that were shaped like a bat. I'd say that it was approximately 150-200 feet above me, gliding westbound very slowly. I reached for my phone, but it suddenly gathered speed and quickly zoomed off. I live near Chicago, Illinois in Evanston, but the sighting took place while I was at the Public Storage located at 2050 Green Bay Rd. I was with my husband and daughter at the time.

Last night (August 20, 2023) my husband and I observed a huge bright cylindrical object in the sky. It streaked above our property while we were in the backyard. The time was approximately 9:40 PM. It was traveling too fast for a photograph.

I found your contact information after searching Google. I then saw and read about the Chicago Mothman sightings. I had never heard anything about these sightings previously.

I wonder if this winged humanoid was related to my previous experiences in Morgantown? Feel free to personally contact me. Thanks. LL"

NOTE: I was able to talk to the witness today. There isn't much more information that she can provide, other than that she is apprehensive about her sighting and fears that it is related to her previous experiences. Lon