Monday, July 31, 2023

MASSIVE UPRIGHT CANINE Attacks Eyewitness in Erie, Pennsylvania Park


A man in Erie, Pennsylvania reports a physical encounter that he experienced with an upright canine in July 2020. The terrifying incident took place in Asbury Woods in the city. 

Today, I received an encounter report from Erie, Pennsylvania:

"In the summer of 2020, specifically in early July, I found myself along Lake Erie, in Erie, Pennsylvania. It's fairly densely populated, and it's not rural. I briefly lived with a friend after my divorce in the Westminster neighborhood. There is a large park called Asbury Woods. Some of the trees are so old and tall that they can give you a different perspective on life if you let them. There are several paths you can follow. Although it can be crowded on some days, most of the time when I was there I was the only human. The place almost takes you back in time, if you can understand that.

I've read about people seeing strange animals and flying objects who report feeling odd at the time of their sightings and experiences. Some call it the Oz Effect because people suddenly feel like they aren't in Kansas anymore. Figuratively speaking, nothing like that happened to me, though I'm not saying I reacted calmly. My heart raced when I saw what I described as a Dogman or dog-headed man. I felt panic for some time. I put some distance between myself and the beast. However, it was comparable to what I might have felt if the same situation were reenacted.

I'm here to tell you what I remember about that incident. However, I feel it's imperative to note that I have been trying for literally years to explain this sighting away. I am extremely unhappy to have been unable to disprove my own observation. I'd like to debunk it.

So, I used to stroll through Asbury Woods a lot in those days, always alone because I was still emotionally recovering from my divorce. I walked on the same path I had taken three or four times before. But something about this time was different. I could hear someone or something walking with me in the bushes. It was a sound I had not heard before. Then suddenly, out of the bushes appeared a man over seven feet tall. He turned and our eyes met. The strange glowing eyes stood out to me. The two glowing orbs were in the middle of a giant dog head staring back at me. Those menacing eyes were above two rows of giant yellowish fangs. They looked like they belonged in dinosaur skeleton mouth at the natural history museum. This was not a man. Within seconds the creature was on top of me and I was on my back looking up at the beast. It leaned down with its canine snout sniffing at me from head to foot. I tried not to move. I'd never been that scared before, as that thing only needed one bite to end my life. I braced myself for the most pain I'd ever felt when someone or something whistled at a barely noticeable volume. I might not have noticed it if the dog-headed beast had not straightened up the second the sound hit the air. Nothing seemed to matter to that Dogman as much as that soft whistle we had both heard. It located the sound direction in a second or two and then I was abandoned as it burst off into the woods. That was the extent of my encounter.

I have tried to tell friends and family about my horrifying account, but they refuse to believe me. I contacted local animal control, as well as the Pennsylvania Game Commission. I never received a response to my inquiry.

I recently found your Pennsylvania Dogman / Upright Canine map and was intrigued by the number of sightings. But, I'm not really sure there is an unknown dog-like beast roaming the state, or anywhere else.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience." M

NOTE: I talked to the witness as soon as I received his email. He also forwarded a photo of the location of his encounter. The other details that he offered were that the fur/hair was grayish-brown and that it covered the entire body. The legs, arms, & body were like a muscular human man's and that it had clawed fingers and toes.

I plan to personally investigate the area and attempt to gather more information about this encounter or subsequent incidents. Even though a few other witnesses have felt threatened in previous reports, this is the first physical encounter with a Dogman or upright canine that has ever been reported to us. Lon