Saturday, May 13, 2023

Interesting WINGED HUMANOID Reported in Wilmington, California Skies


A supposed winged humanoid is reportedly seen on several occasions in the skies of Wilmington, California. Is there any relation to the 'jetpack man' reported at LAX?

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Luis Castillo offered the following account:

Here's what happened.

My coworker was talking about having seen a weird creature. I asked him to describe it.  After which I showed him a pic of Mothman and if it looked anything like that. He said it did. I asked him to contact his friends and to show them the picture. They each separately agreed that's what they saw.

He told me about the following sighting:

2 years ago in the city of Wilmington, California. In this location is a huge ARCO refinery. 

My co-worker was with 3 other friends at about 2am in the backyard of his house just hanging out. 

Though not sure who saw it first, one of them looked up and happened to see this winged creature flying above them. I asked him if it did anything odd. He said no, except that it circled his group about 5 times before heading north toward the city of Torrance. Now, in that direction, is LAX, a major airport for Los Angeles.

I asked if he saw it after. He mentioned that they saw it again, but this time it was about 430am-5am. 

That it repeated its previous behavior except that it circled them about 2-3 times and flew off. This time towards the city of Long Beach. 

After which they didn't see it again. 

My co-worker then mentioned he thinks he saw it again 1 week later, but was unsure, so he didn't give any details.