Saturday, January 28, 2023

WINGED HUMANOID Close Encounter in Wayne, Illinois


A Wayne, Illinois resident had an encounter with a winged humanoid while traveling near his home. The humanoid flew in front of his vehicle without the use of its wings, a common trait with these incidents.

I talked by telephone to an eyewitness 'AM' about an encounter that he had with a winged humanoid in mid-September 2022 at the intersection of Smith Rd. and Mountain Ash Dr. in Wayne, Illinois.

It was approximately 10 PM local time while 'AM' and a passenger was traveling south on Mountain Ash Dr. when he reached the intersection with Smith Rd. He states that a 6-7 foot long black human-like figure swiftly swooped in front of his vehicle, about 10 feet in front of him. The wings and arms were tucked against the body and it quickly glided from east to west very close to the road. The headlights illuminated the winged humanoid.

The encounter was so fast that he could not make out facial features, but the body and head were very human-like.

'AM' had not previously been aware of the winged humanoid phenomenon in the Chicagoland area, and he found out later after searching for an answer to his encounter.

There had been another sighting very nearby in Carol Stream, Illinois in 2020.

'AM' was very forthcoming in retelling the incident. His interest in the subject, since he is an eyewitness, should prove useful to our future investigation of this phenomenon. Lon