Thursday, January 5, 2023

RED-EYED, BAT-WINGED HUMANOID Confronts & Terrorizes Little Village, Chicago Residents


A Little Village woman and her father had just left a grocery store and crossed the street when they observed a red-eyed bat-winged humanoid looking directly at them. They fled in terror.

The following report was posted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team investigator Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse.

"My father and I had just left the La Burbuja grocery store and were crossing 32nd to go toward my car when we heard what sounded like a baby crying out. We thought it was maybe one of the neighbors’ babies but then my father said “Mira Mija!” and was pointing toward the house across the street. I looked and saw a thin black figure perched on the brick fence post and looking directly at us. This thing was dark, dark black it actually looked like it was absorbing the light around it. It was very easy to make out the body, the wings, and the long pointed tail that it swished around much like a cat does when it is interested in something. The eyes were the most striking feature as they were glowing bright red and were locked directly on my father and me.

I was frozen in fear and the only thing going through my mind was how to defend my elderly father if this thing decided to attack us. I could care less about myself but my father is 70 years old and not able to move or defend himself if he was attacked. I could hear my father praying and asking La Virgin de Guadalupe for protection and to send this thing away. I managed to tell my father that we needed to get into the car as quickly as possible so we could be safe. I pressed the button to the remote and the horn chirped as the alarm was deactivated and the doors unlocked. At the sound of the horn chirping this thing opened its wings and stood up on the fence post and chirped back at us. It took off and hovered for a few seconds, its wings flapping and making a light whoosh sound. My father and I dove into the relative safety of the car as this thing flew away and was gone from our sight

This thing was maybe 3-4 feet tall and thin but its wings were large and maybe 10 feet when spread apart. They looked a lot like bat wings, no feathers were visible as it was jet black. We drove straight home and my father told my mother and my sister about our encounter with this thing and what had happened. My mother said it was probably a bruja disguised as a Lechuza and that we were lucky we were not attacked, either way, she refused to let anyone out of the house for the rest of the night."

Investigators Notes:

The encounter happened on October 25, 2022, in Little Village – Chicago, IL at about 8 p.m.

I spoke with both witnesses, and the father was quite reluctant to discuss the matter for fear of invoking the entity and bringing it back to attack him. The father spoke mostly through the daughter and I assured him that I understood if he was hesitant to speak regarding this incident.

The daughter retold her story and said they had gone to the neighborhood grocery store to get a few grocery items and they were leaving the store and walking toward her car when this incident occurred.

When asked about the creature, she said it was small and thin but that the wings were very noticeable as it sat on the fence post. She said it had a long, pointed tail that it moved as it observed them, the witness said it reminded her of her cat and how it moves its tail when interested or observing something. She described the eyes as very large and glowing a bright red but that the face lacked any visible features except the eyes. She noted that as they observed it, it remained in complete darkness almost as if it was observing the surrounding light into itself in order to remain invisible. She noted that there was a street light right in front of its position and even that failed to illuminate the creature. She stated that when it took off, it was thin and that it hovered in place while looking at them and making a sound that sounded like a cross between a baby crying and a cat hissing but much, much louder. The witness stated that she and her father dove into the car and that this entity flew north and was quickly out of sight.

This sighting is one of several that have been reported in the past out of Little Village, in Chicago, IL, and this entity so far has been the smallest one reported by a witness. It is also not the first entity to be reported as a Lechuza, which lends to the very heavy Hispanic population that makes up the Little Village neighborhood. This sighting report will be forwarded to the Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team for further investigation.

NOTE: This is the 10th reported sighting/encounter with a winged humanoid in the Little Village community. Lon