Sunday, October 23, 2022

PTEROSAUR-LIKE CREATURE Attempts Pet Dog Snatch in Orland Park, Illinois Yard


An Orland Park, Illinois woman described an encounter with a Pterosaur-like creature that attempted to grab her small dog from the front yard. The creature's flight abilities are remarkable.

I recently received the following report:

"Hello. I saw a flying creature last night (October 19, 2022) in front of my house. I live in Orland Park, Illinois, and lived in the same house for 16 years. I would see a coyote once every couple of years in the winter and a few foxes here and there.

Two months ago, I started to see a coyote/wolf hybrid creature at least twice a week which is not normal. I am unable to walk my dogs like I normally do because of the hybrid creature coming face-to-face with me and chasing me away.

Last night, I was with my dogs in the front only since I can’t walk them around anymore. One dog was leashed and the other one was grazing the grass a few feet away from me while I was standing on the porch. A creature with no fur, no feathers, gray/brownish color, long legs with an extra long tail swept down in an attempt to grab my unleashed dog. The creature saw me and flapped its leather-like wings once and wrapped its wing around its body in an attempt to conceal itself from me and glided off. While gliding away, it dropped some liquid waste and a lot of it. It landed in the grass so I wasn’t able to see the color or texture. This happened between 9:45pm and 10pm.

Super freaked out!" TE

NOTE: I contacted the witness and received a telephone call from her. She has lived in her home in a neighborhood along 123rd Street and across from the Cap Sauers Holding Nature Preserve.

The winged creature swooped down in an attempt to grab her small older dog while it was in the front yard. The witness reacted to the attempt and the creature immediately retracted its long legs after seeing her. It flapped its wings once, ascended, and wrapped the wings around itself. As it did so it defecated, then glided off.

Her description was somewhat similar to a Pterosaur, even though the total beak length was concealed by the wings. It had a very distinctive long thin tail with a spade-like structure on the end. She described the wings as 'leather-like' and shaped like a manta ray, approximately 5 feet wide each (total 10+ feet wing span). The body was grayish-brown in color with smooth skin. It made no noise other than the flapping sound.

I explained to her that the overall region is known historically for Pterosaur and Thunderbird sightings (as well as the winged humanoids). Lon