Sunday, October 23, 2022

RED-EYED WINGED REPTILIAN Encountered by Miami, Florida Resident


A Miami, Florida resident has a sudden encounter with a red-eyed winged reptilian that was perched in a large tree on their property. What was it and why was it there?

I was contacted by a woman in the Town Square community of Miami, Florida today (10/23/2022). She had found my ad on Google while searching for information on Mothman.

'AD' states that she had always had an affinity for the Mothman phenomenon, especially after she watched 'The Mothman Prophecies' film when she was a child. Because of her preoccupation with the series of events documented by John Keel, I believe that she may have somehow unconsciously summoned a winged humanoid being.

In 2013, she experienced traumatic personal events in her life, including the loss of her parents. One day, also in 2013, while at home and standing by her boat in the driveway, she was drawn to the large tree on her property. As she looked up into the foliage she noticed something perched on a large bough of the tree. While staring at this unknown being, her first thought was that it resembled a crouching Reptilian humanoid with red eyes that seemed to project bright red light.

She continued to watch the crouching humanoid, then noticed that there were Gargoyle-like wings attached to its back. The being was thin in body and dark in color, though it was hard to make out the hue since it was in the shadows. The humanoid seemed to be looking back at her the entire time.

Not knowing what to do, and remembering that she had always wanted to see or encounter a Mothman, she attempted to communicate with it psychically. In her mind, she projected to it 'Why are you not talking to me?" In that instance, the winged humanoid unfurled its wings (approximately 8 feet wing span) and literally transformed from a corporeal being into a smattering of tiny colored particles, then completely disappeared. From her description, I believe that this may have been an ultraterrestrial entity that moved into a portal. Her sighting and experience lasted for approximately 3 minutes.

NOTE: The witness is a state-licensed professional in her field of work. She provided her background and other information that I have verified. All personal information will remain confidential. Lon

PTEROSAUR-LIKE CREATURE Attempts Pet Dog Snatch in Orland Park, Illinois Yard


An Orland Park, Illinois woman described an encounter with a Pterosaur-like creature that attempted to grab her small dog from the front yard. The creature's flight abilities are remarkable.

I recently received the following report:

"Hello. I saw a flying creature last night (October 19, 2022) in front of my house. I live in Orland Park, Illinois, and lived in the same house for 16 years. I would see a coyote once every couple of years in the winter and a few foxes here and there.

Two months ago, I started to see a coyote/wolf hybrid creature at least twice a week which is not normal. I am unable to walk my dogs like I normally do because of the hybrid creature coming face-to-face with me and chasing me away.

Last night, I was with my dogs in the front only since I can’t walk them around anymore. One dog was leashed and the other one was grazing the grass a few feet away from me while I was standing on the porch. A creature with no fur, no feathers, gray/brownish color, long legs with an extra long tail swept down in an attempt to grab my unleashed dog. The creature saw me and flapped its leather-like wings once and wrapped its wing around its body in an attempt to conceal itself from me and glided off. While gliding away, it dropped some liquid waste and a lot of it. It landed in the grass so I wasn’t able to see the color or texture. This happened between 9:45pm and 10pm.

Super freaked out!" TE

NOTE: I contacted the witness and received a telephone call from her. She has lived in her home in a neighborhood along 123rd Street and across from the Cap Sauers Holding Nature Preserve.

The winged creature swooped down in an attempt to grab her small older dog while it was in the front yard. The witness reacted to the attempt and the creature immediately retracted its long legs after seeing her. It flapped its wings once, ascended, and wrapped the wings around itself. As it did so it defecated, then glided off.

Her description was somewhat similar to a Pterosaur, even though the total beak length was concealed by the wings. It had a very distinctive long thin tail with a spade-like structure on the end. She described the wings as 'leather-like' and shaped like a manta ray, approximately 5 feet wide each (total 10+ feet wing span). The body was grayish-brown in color with smooth skin. It made no noise other than the flapping sound.

I explained to her that the overall region is known historically for Pterosaur and Thunderbird sightings (as well as the winged humanoids). Lon

Sunday, October 16, 2022

CRYPTID CANINE Activity Reported & Investigated in Cambria County, PA


Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigators Thomas Carroll and Bernadette McDaniel submitted the original report on 4/30/2022. I received the updated report on 10/16/2022.

Here is an updated report on the Wilmore Dogman report:

I was able to meet with the witnesses at the site of the second encounter. We spent an hour checking out the area. We were not able to locate any physical evidence this trip but the witnesses pointed out the location of their experiences. They also related several other experiences in the area around Wilmore Reservoir over the years by themselves and other family members including what I believe to be mostly Bigfoot. But there was one winged humanoid sighting by the witness's father.

Bernadette and I believe that this area may be on a migration route for Bigfoot and we expect more sightings in the Spring. I plan on checking the area a few more times this Winter and this spring.

Original report below:

Bernadette and I were unable to investigate the site of the first canine encounter due to a fishing derby and limited parking. We did however investigate the second encounter site. We arrived at around 11 am. The second location is a mix of swamp area and open timber. After following the creek north for approximately 100 yards we discovered a large print about 5 inches wide and 14 inches long. While searching the area around the print Bernadette heard a 'whoosh' sound followed by the sound of something large running toward her. We searched the area but could not find anything that would have caused a loud whooshing sound  After this time the woods became eerily quiet the birds stopped singing. No other prints or signs were found. I hope to return to investigate further in the coming weeks. I have included a picture of the print and a picture of the map with a pin on the location of where the print was found. 

The latitudes and longitudes are as follows:

40.446642, -78.712169 - This is where we had originally started fishing the first day

40.449203, -78.707376 - This is roughly where the stalking started, this is a rough estimate as I can't see the path through the trees on google maps. I remember the exact location though and could point out the exact area in person

40.446562, -78.686292 - This is the swamp next to the bridge in the 2nd incident

For driving directions, to get to the first spot you would turn off Route 22 onto Wilmore Road and continue until nearly the end of the road where you'll find a bridge going over the creek, it's in a deep valley between a farm and some sort of electrical station, very easy to find. To get to the second spot you would get off Route 22 at the Admiral Peary Highway, eventually, you'll come down a hill into a holler, here you turn onto a small gravel road called Spinner Road. You'll follow this road until you cross a bridge near a farm, then there's a second bridge just beyond this farm where the second incident happened. There are also back roads that can get you from one spot to the other. It's also possible to walk the creek itself from one spot to the other. These areas are both easy to get to and relatively close to Ebensburg. I would happily guide investigators to these spots.

Thomas Carroll

NOTE: The location is in Cambria County, PA, a very active county for upright canines. The Wilmore Reservoir is a location of repeated sightings of cryptid canines: White Upright Canine Observed in Cambria County, PA , and 'Cryptid Biped' Encounters in Cambria County, Pennsylvania (Possible Upright Canine) Lon