Saturday, September 10, 2022

Gruesome 'Cryptid Canine' Encountered in Berks County, Pennsylvania (FULL REPORT)


For the past several weeks, I have been referring to a cryptid canine case that was submitted to me by the witness 'MH.' Most of the particulars are included in the witness' written report. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team and I have talked to the witness on numerous occasions:

"This sighting happened on 4/30/22 in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania in the Birdsboro Preserve. This area is just north of French Creek State Park and the forests intersect with one another. There are roughly 15 to 20 square miles of dense natural woodlands in this area. It is one of the largest forest areas in southeastern PA.

It was a crystal clear warm spring day and my 12-year-old daughter wanted to learn trout fishing. We decided to go up to Hay Creek which runs for 13 miles through French Creek State Park and through the Birdsboro Preserve. We parked at the north end of the preserve on Old Route 82, now called Hay Creek Road.

We hiked up into the old road past the still active larger quarry and continued up about a half mile past it. We found a spot where she could practice wading In the steam in a safe shallow area of the stream with semi-fast water. There were a lot of people walking hiking and horse back riding that day and not a cloud in the sky.

We fished this spot for about 2 hours or so slowly moving back down the stream. At one point while I was sitting on the bank enjoying the stream and nature while my daughter was fishing I heard a loud crash; like a tree was falling over behind us. It was a bit strange because I didn’t hear any chainsaws and this sounded like a huge tree was coming down. It was only a few hundred feet behind us and it was super loud. Being an avid extreme outdoorsman for 3+ decades you know when things seem out of place. This was totally different from a tree falling over and then silence.

This went on for about 2 minutes and I stood up and looked around in the direction the sound was coming from but saw nothing. I said to myself that was a bit strange and it just stopped. 

About 30 minutes later I heard the same thing and again this went on for like 2 minutes again. Now I’m puzzled and was like what the hell is going on this is not normal. I said to my daughter lets start heading back down the stream and find another spot. I still did not see anything unusual but was on alert. I thought to myself it could be deer up in the back across the road but this sounded

Then I heard a giant crashing through the woods as it was very loud. This time it was definitely closer to us. We walked about 200 yards down the trail and we started hearing this again and it was even closer than the past 2 times. We stopped and looked up towards the quarry in the direction of the sound but still saw nothing.

I said we will cross the stream and fish down around the bend. The spot where you cross the stream is about 30 feet wide and very slippery. We took it slow because the water was a bit high for my daughter. We were about halfway across and all hell broke loose with the sound of tree branches breaking again. It took us about 90 seconds to cross the stream and I was holding her hand to help her. The whole time this sound is still going on and I’m looking back but see nothing because we are about 20 feet below the quarry where the old bridge was. Where we crossed the stream there is about a 6 to seven-foot berm to step up to the road level.

I get up first and help my daughter get up with my hand when I see something moving in the distance out of my peripheral vision. I turn and look and see nothing at first. Then in the distance where this sound is coming from I lock onto a 40-foot pine tree at the top of the quarry swaying violently side to side at least 5 feet each way.

I pointed to my daughter and said, 'Holy crap what the hell is that? Look! The next 40 to 50 seconds would change my life forever.

We were watching the pine tree shake for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then I saw what I thought was an arm reaching out of the tree. It grabbed a bird which I think was a turkey buzzard. All of a sudden this thing jumps from the pine tree to a big oak tree about 10 feet away and starts climbing on the outside of the canopy. It pivoted around somewhat like a spider on the top of the canopy and disappears into the branches of this large oak tree. Keep in mind the leaves are just starting to bud on the trees and we can see movement in the tree branches.

This is about 200 to 300 feet away. The whole time branches are breaking, very large branches about 2 inches thick. This goes on for about 10 or more seconds and then this thing jumps out of the tree. Now, these trees are at least 40 high. Plus it falls another 15 to 20 feet onto a 60-degree incline of rocks. So about 60 or so feet this thing fell.

I thought the thing was dead. I'll never forget the sound of the impact. This thing hit super hard and rocks started flying down the side of this quarry incline at least 10 feet. When it fell out of the tree this creature landed on all 4s.

This thing is lying flat and is a bit dazed and or winded. Then this thing stands up bipedally on its 2 hind legs and is about 10 to 12 feet in height.

I'm thinking that this thing should be dead. I'm thinking bear, mountain lion, bigfoot? So this thing stands up. And then goes back on all 4s and jumps like a toad or a frog does. This thing clears 20 feet of ground in total, not even trying, as well as jumps in height about 8 to10 feet in one jump.

It was on all 4s again, flat like a frog and then it dropped this bird that it had in its left hand. Keep in mind the thing landed facing away from us on the right side of us with its back to us and running away parallel to our left. It then reaches out with its left hand and grabs the bird and pulls it back into its chest.

The arms on this thing are at least 6 feet plus in length. It has human-like hands and legs. The hands have at least 2 to 3-inch claws on the fingers, as well as the feet.

As it grabbed the bird it turned its head to the side and I saw the side of the head and face. This thing was bald from the neck up. It had a canine-style snout or nose with an upper jaw with an overhang with very long upper teeth like fangs on a werewolf. No joke about it.

This thing when it stood up from heel to hip was 6 to 7 feet in height, and from hip to shoulder was another 3 feet. From heel to top of its head was 10 to 13 feet easy. The head was like a human's head but had pointed ears like a dog's but not on top of the head. It had ears where a human has them but longer and pointed. It had fur like a deer in length, very short brown, grey, and black. The skin was grey in color. This creature was very skinny though. Like it was starving or not healthy. Very skinny except the forearms and its legs were very tone. It did not have a tail.

This thing stands up again bipedally and takes a step, like a track runner jumping a hurdle, and clearsa15 foot rock face again, easily 6 to 7 feet in height and about 15 feet in length. It took another 5 to 6 steps and it went crashing through the woods and we never saw it again.

Witness sketch

I stood there in total disbelief and I was trying to process what the hell this thing was.

I'm a no-fear kind of guy and this thing scared the living crap out of me. I’m standing there completely frozen with fear trying to make sense of what the hell just happened. I almost lost myself with fear because I never had that type of fear ever and I had to talk myself out of it.

After about 2 minutes of sheer confusion, I snapped out of the fear factor and I was now in adrenaline survival mode. My number one concern was my daughter and us getting out of there alive because this thing ran the same way we had to walk to reach my car.

Keep in mind this was a busy day with people out from being cooped up all winter. Whatever this thing is violent and super strong to the point the right thing to do is warn people of this thing. I'll tell you this, this thing makes a full-grown tiger look like a mouse and that is no joke. My daughter was confused about what had happened. I was very concerned for her safety.

As we were slowly walking back I actually started to call 911 but never did because no one would believe me and think I was mad out of my mind. I saw a few people on the way back and I asked them if they had seen a big animal come down this way and they all said no.

A message for all the people out there. One thing I want to say is this, I have been in a lot of national parks and state forests and never once seen anything like this creature. Take everything I thought I knew about the wilderness and throw it right out the window and start over.

Vincent Richardson's rendering of the cryptid canine

Hats off to Lon and all you people who bring these cryptids to the masses. These things are 1000% real and they are in your backyard not in some national park or some extreme remote area. They are very close to us so please be mindful of your surroundings. I'll never step in the woods without a firearm ever again. This has changed my life and I’m on an amazing journey to find serious answers. And for all of you who have seen crazy creatures and struggle with it: YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Welcome to the CLUB OF NO RETURN. Keep an open mind and talk to good people who can help you." MH, Boyertown, PA