Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Report: Winged Humanoids & UFO Manifestations in Aguadillo, Puerto Rico


Sightings of Winged Crypto humanoids and UFOs in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

By Jorge Martin Miranda C. 2022 (Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research affiliate)

One of the most interesting and unusual aspects of the UFO casuistry of the Puerto Rico archipelago is the synchronicity that occurs between the manifestation of UFOs and the appearance of anomalous humanoid creatures of different types in the same places.

In this article we will discuss some of those events, which occurred specifically in the municipality of Aguadilla, located in the extreme northwest of the main island of the Puerto Rico archipelago. The witnesses of the events are the couple made up of Mr. Marcos Rivera and Mrs. Sonia Cruz, by then residents in a high point of the Camaceyes sector of that municipality.

- Great Flying Triangle Rises Out from the Sea -

The first event they observed occurred on a summer afternoon in 2015, around 2:00 p.m.. Being enthusiasts of the sport of surfing, the couple was, along with several friends, in the sector known as 'Surfer's Beach', on the north coast of Aguadilla. This is near the area where the United States Coast Guard houses are, behind the well-known Hotel El Faro. 

There were 7 people in total, 6 on the shore and one in the water, in the sea, on a surfboard. One of them was an F.B.I.

Mr. Marcos Rivera told us what happened: “We were on the shore, looking to where the companion was with his board in the sea, and suddenly a semi-transparent silver metallic object in the shape of a triangle came out of the sea and was suspended in the air about 100 feet above the partner who was in the water.

"That triangle -he added- had a series of bright lights that revolved around it, along its entire edge. I estimate it must have been about 60 feet long. It hovered there for about two minutes or so, and then it flew off and sped off to the northwest. But the most incredible thing was how it remained suspended in the air that way, totally fixed, until it left.

“Another truly incredible detail was that when it came out of the sea it did not affect the water, it did not create any waves or water jumped, nothing”.

- Giant Winged Humanoids -

Other events observed by the couple, of great surprise, had to do with the presence of large winged individuals in their area of residence in the Camaceyes sector, and towards the Aguada town sector, further to the southwest.

One clear afternoon in 2019, at about 5:00 p.m., Marcos was at his residence in Camaceyes, talking on the phone with an acquaintance and suddenly he saw before him in the sky, at a certain distance, an amazing figure.

“What I saw - he told us - was a very tall man about 25 feet tall, a giant flying through the air. He had no wings or any equipment that would allow him to fly like this. He was dressed in silvery clothing clinging to his body, with his arms crossed over his chest.

"He looked like a normal man, except for the size of him and that he was flying in the air. He was bald.

“He was coming from the east to the west, and as he was facing me he slowed down his flight and smiled at me. Then he continued to fly west, as if toward the islet of Desecheo, and disappeared.

"When I saw him, my reaction was to scream so that Sonia and others could see him too, but then he flew away very quickly and I didn't see him anymore."

On another occasion, also in October 2019, Marcos and Sonia were on the balcony of their residence at a high point in the Camaceyes sector, in a mountain, and at one point they noticed the presence of something large that was flying in the air at a point in the sky oriented towards Aguada town and the Desecheo islet.

They observed 'it' through binoculars and both were surprised to see, thanks to the visual approach allowed by the binoculars, that 'it' were two men with wings who "easily had to be about 25 feet tall".

“There were two of them -Marcos and Sonia told us-, and they seemed to be playing in the air, going around. They were initially united. One of them looked white and the other one looked black," Marcos said. "Their wings were white, and they looked like those of eagles, big."

“Suddenly it was going to rain, and as the rain approached the two of them flew off to the northwest. We tried to take photos of them with our cell phones, but the photos would not come out. 

“We yelled at a neighbor of ours to see them, and he came, but he didn't see them,” Mr. Marcos Rivera finally said.

In the years 2020 and 2021, Marcos and Sonia observed large UFOs on several occasions in the Camaceyes area, where they lived. Some of them were dark, with lights and with a triangular shape. They would see them over their residence and then they would see them move silently and descend into an area behind the Rafael Hernández airport, close to the US Coast Guard and Homeland Security Agency offices, where they would disappear.

On the other hand, Mrs. Sonia Cruz told us: “Mr. Martin, you see that kind of things a lot around here, at dusk, at night and early in the morning. The nights here are a spectacle -she added- she, you can see moving lights without any sound, without navigation lights and with erratic movements. Sometimes they change their shapes and colors, and many times they disappear instantly, etc.

“Most of these objects move from west-northwest to south-east, but they move in all directions, some higher than others.

“It has happened, sometimes, that after seeing the lights for a while, helicopters appear out from the fog of the coast and they seem to be looking for something in the area.

"Some of the objects, which are luminous, are individual, and some disappear at a usual point in the sky, as if they collided with an energy barrier and disappeared.

As if they entered portals in the sky?, we asked the lady.

She replied “I think so”.

On Sunday, February 2, 2020, Mrs. Cruz was again able to observe other anomalous flying objects as they moved over Aguadilla: “Yesterday, Sunday night -she told us-, we saw two of those ships. They carried no lights, and their trajectories were from the northwest to the south-east.

What shape were they, and how did they behave? How high were they?

“I couldn't see them in detail, but they were objects that were traveling without lights, and they were making rapid erratic movements as they moved across the sky, so they weren't airplanes or anything familiar. They were super high in the sky”