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Winged Humanoid Communication Claimed by Rosemont, Illinois Experiencer


A Rosemont, Illinois resident claims to have had physical contact with one of these winged humanoids, and that there was also some communication. This incident will require further investigation.

The following account was received by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:

Date of Sighting: July 2, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 0100

Location of Sighting: Burgermeister Park, Rosemont, Illinois

Overview: Witness has apparent multiple encounters with winged humanoid and alien creatures

Case Status: Under Investigation

Case Details:

"I have had multiple encounters with what people have been calling the Mothman over the last two years. It all started with an encounter I had one time in my bedroom in April of 2020. I have experienced abductions since I was about 12-years-old and they have continued on throughout my entire life. I awoke to a ringing in my ears and the feeling of being watched from the corner of my room. I sat up in bed and rolled my eyes and remembered seeing two small figures standing just inside my bedroom and trying to poorly blend into the shadows. I went to say something when I heard the words in my head “We have something special to show you.”

I awoke to find myself on a table being examined by a group of taller beings, about 5-feet-tall and thin but with large heads and large black eyes. I was unable to move and just loudly sighed out of frustration as I have never resisted and never would. The being closer to my head slowly put his forehead to my forehead and locked eyes with me, reaching into my mind like they have done so many times before. He spoke to me and said “Our time together is drawing to a close, but we wanted to show you something not many people are given the privilege of seeing”. I remember him helping me stand up off of the table as the smaller beings now surrounded me. The next thing I remember is being surrounded by a bright light and finding myself and my companions standing in the park that is down the street from my house. I looked around and saw that we were on the far side of the gazebo and were facing the creek that borders the park (Burgermeister Park). I suddenly became very self aware that I was standing in the park in the middle of the night in an oversized shirt with nothing underneath but my undies. I started to look around to see that we were all alone when the larger being touched my arm bringing my attention back to him. I looked and standing in front of us was a very tall man, with glowing red eyes and a pair of very large black wings. I started to back away when the being grabbed my arm and told me to not be afraid, I was perfectly safe and there would be no harm. The being stepped closer, his red eyes gazing at me when I started to hear a series of clicks, like it was trying to communicate with me. I watched as it touched my arm and the next thing I remember was waking up in my bed and feeling a sort of euphoria, like everything was right for the world that would last a day or two.

My latest encounter started pretty much the same as before with a few exceptions. It was on the evening of July 2nd at about one o’clock in the morning. I was brought to the park to meet with the winged creature. I had been reading about the various sightings all over Chicago and I asked if it was the same creature being seen all over the airport and the city. I heard the word “Yes” in a deep, monotone voice in my head. I asked what it was doing here and it came back with the words “observing you, watching you” in my head. It then reached out with its arm and touched my forearm, unlike the other times I felt a slight prick and observed a drop of blood on my arm. I was shocked but not afraid and I heard the being that was at my side say “our time has come, we must go but we will always be watching.” I awoke in my bed, feeling the usual euphoria but with a slight twinge of sadness, like an old friend has left for good."

Investigators Notes:

I spoke with the witness via phone and after talking to her about her various previous abductions and encounters with the winged humanoid, I asked her to focus on the latest encounter and to describe the creature in detail.

The witness stated that the winged entity was approximately 7-8 feet tall, for reference the witness is 5’4” tall. She stated that it was thinly built, rail thin but she had the impression like it was powerful. The wings she said were smooth and membranous with an almost silky appearance to them and were hinged so as to fold in on themselves and were at least 10-11 feet in width and appeared to go down most of the body of the creature. She stated that she has seen the entity tuck its wings neatly behind its back and also use the wings to wrap around its body. She stated that the wings were mostly silent and she never remembers hearing them. She described the head as blocky and square with no pronounced features such as a nose or ears and the only thing you could see were the eyes. She described the eyes as large, bright and intense. She described the shine as brilliant red and that it seemed to be deeply sunk into the creature’s head and did not move at all. She described the arms and legs as thin and the hands ending in what looked like claws or talons that appeared to be sharp. The arms are described as thin and frail but that the look of weakness was deceiving as it appeared the arms were fully capable of defending the creature if it so chose to attack. She described the creature’s demeanor as “chill” and not aggressive and that when it moved it did in fluid motions that looked effortless despite its size and awkward appearance. The witness stated that there was a slight smell of ammonia associated with the creature when she would encounter it and that it was not overwhelming.

When asked about the creature’s demeanor, she described it as calm, calculating and emotionless much like the alien companions that accompanied her. She described the encounters as brief and that they were over just as fast as they began. I asked her if she felt afraid and she answered that maybe at first but after the first time she felt calm and that she was in no danger.

During the interview the witness received a call from a family member and the interview was cut short. I have reached out to her in regards to resuming the interview and am awaiting a response.

**Update** The witness has contacted me and we will resume the interview next Friday as the witness is away until then. Further notes will be added to the site as they are received.

NOTE: I'm going to post this series of incident as reported to Manuel for now, pending his next interview. I would also like to interview the witness. Lon

7th Winged Humanoid Sighting Reported in Bensenville, Illinois (Near Chicago-O'Hare)


A couple reports a 7th flying humanoid encounter in the Bensenville, Illinois area and part of the ongoing sightings around the O’Hare International Airport.

The following account was received by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:

Date of Sighting: July 16, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 12:00 A.M.

Location of Sighting: Bensenville, Illinois

Number of Witnesses: Two

Case Status: Investigated

Case Details:

"I was outside with my girlfriend enjoying the pool and drinking a few beers at about midnight when we saw what looked like a large bat fly right over the top of the trees. Upon a closer look, it looked like a person with large black wings and glowing red eyes. It must have been at least 30 feet above us and appeared to be gliding with the wings not moving. We both saw it for about 5-7 seconds before we lost sight of it as it flew over the house. We were at first shocked till my girlfriend told me about the sightings of a large flying person seen all over Bensenville. We never saw it again and we were out there for another couple of hours before going inside."

Investigator Notes:

I reached out to the witness and spoke with him and his girlfriend. Both admit to having been drinking and smoking marijuana, but both claimed that they were still sober when the sighting occurred and that they were certain of what they had seen. When asked if it could have been geese, they both disagreed as they said they had seen geese fly over earlier and that geese always are making noise as they fly in a formation and they are unmistakable and difficult to confuse as something other than geese. Both were interviewed over the phone separately and both stories lined up with one another. No evidence of hoaxing or deception was found and both witnesses were adamant of what they saw. Both witnesses stated that the encounter lasted only seconds. This is the 7th flying humanoid encounter in the Bensenville, Illinois area and part of the ongoing sightings around the O’Hare International Airport.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

'Gargoyle' Encounters Persist During Puerto Rico UFO Wave


Encounters with ‘Gargoyles’ in Puerto Rico 

By Jorge Martín – Journalist and UFO researcher - Affiliate of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research

In the midst of the UFO wave that began in Puerto Rico on January 7, 2020, there have also been several encounters with the enigmatic winged humanoid creatures popularly known in the island as 'Gargoyles', due to their great physical resemblance to the alleged mythical creatures so called. 

- Panic by Gargoyle in Guaraguao Sector, Ponce -

On the night of January 16, 2020, Mrs. Kelly Miller Martínez, her children and her sister, residents of the southern city of Ponce, drove in Kelly's vehicle to a farm she owns in a sector of the Guaraguao neighborhood of that municipality. 

Upon arrival, she got out of the vehicle to open a gate that gives access to the farm, where she had a residence. The residence was lower on the ground, and the gate was at a higher section of the land. 

As she went to open the gate she noticed that "there was something like a large dark bird" flying in front of her, at a distance. She described the flight of the 'bird' as heavy, and noticed that it was something large, alerting her sister to the presence of the 'rare bird'. 

They continued until they reached the house and she said to her eldest son "Tito, go and throw away the garbage that is in the house", and he took a cart to pick up the barrel of garbage that they had at the entrance of the farm and take it to the house to move the garbage with it, and when he left he shouted loudly "Mommy, that bird is there, and it's something big and ugly!" What they had believed until then was a bird was standing in the middle of the slope, and looking up at them.

Mrs. Miller saw something about three to four feet tall, dark and to some degree bat-like covering its body with its wings. She couldn't see its legs, only its head, that it was  moving. 

“We were afraid,” Mrs. Miller told us, “because we didn't have neighbors, and we didn't know what we were facing. 

“We stayed inside the house, and after a while, when we dared go outside again, my 16-year-old daughter lit the way with an electric torch and that thing, that was a that moment on the mountain in front of the house, flew and fell on top of the house, standing on the eaves of the house. 

“There -she continued explaining-, we all fell into hysteria, out of fear. We screamed and closed the windows and the door, because again, we didn't know what we were dealing with. And that thing was walking on the roof of the house and scratching it, as if it had claws. It was horrible. 

“In a panic, we called the police on the cell phone, who were slow to arrive, and the creature flew off again and moved onto a wagon we have on the property. Then policemen arrived in 5 or 6 patrol cars, and they told us that several patrols wre sent because they noticed that we were terrified, and that some time before a lady from the same area had reported something similar. They said they believed us".

The lady insisted that the creature they saw "...was a black and ugly thing, something horrible, with enormous wings, and without a tail." 

She added that the creature's eyes were red and glowing, but they couldn't see the details of its face because of the darkness and because it covered its body with its large wings, which she described as bat-like, with no feathers. 

"That thing," she said, “looked somewhat like a bat, but when it stood up or moved it looked half human, and it looked strong, stringy, and sort of hunched over." 

Although she said that the police did not make an official complaint or report about what happened, we learned through a source that there was a report about it in the Ponce city headquarters, but it was impossible for us to gain access to it.

Harassing Gargoyles in Utuado 

Some residents of the Caguana neighborhood, in La Línea sector of the town of Utuado, on highway #11, have experienced similar events. Spouses Angel and Angie Maldonado, lived for 6 months (since August 2020) moments of terror in the early morning hours as they heard something heavy walking on the roof of their house sporadically. 

Their immediate neighbors, called Juan and Nilda Fernández, went to their residence one day and asked them if they had heard strange noises on the roof of their house, because they had heard them, and they confirmed that they had. 

 But everything took a disturbing aspect when one day in December 2020, in the early morning hours, the same heavy footsteps were heard on the roofs of both residences. 

Mrs. Maldonado said something interesting about the behavior of whatever it was that was walking on the roof of her residence: “Whatever that is, it is something big and heavy, because its footsteps are strong, and it seems as if it came flying, because It comes from above and falls on the ceiling. 

“We have solar panels on the roof, and you can hear how it jumps and dodges them, and it also seems to know what we are doing, because when it arrives and starts walking on the roof and I get up and pay attention, it stops walking. 

“It does that every time it starts to walk and I pay attention to where he is. I don't know, but it's as if those things can read your mind. They are very perceptive." 

Weeks later, already in January 2021, the same thing happened again, at more or less the same time in both residences. This time the neighbor couple got up and went out to see, but although they felt something big and heavy walking through the patio of their residence, they couldn't see what it was. 

“Look - Mr. Fernández told us-, it was as if that thing was invisible, because you could feel and hear its footsteps, but you couldn't see anything. Another thing is that when it walked or ran, the noise was felt like that of hooves, like when a horse runs, something like that. But again, there was nothing to be seen.” 

Already frightened by this second event, they asked other residents of the area if they had seen something similar, to no avail, until they went to an appliance store in that sector and asked the same thing to the owner, who indicated that he had not seen anything himself, but that his night shift employee, who was repairing some washer machines, did see something, and he was terrified. 

The employee told him that in the early hours of the morning a monstrous creature with a humanoid body and a height of more than 6 feet, black and with bright reddish eyes, had appeared in the place, trying to approach him. 

Terrified, he ran and hid in the back of the room where he was working, behind the machines he was repairing and assembling, and saw the hideous creature outside, walking from left to right, looking for him. He stayed hidden behind the machines until the creature took flight and left the site. 

After telling his boss what had happened, he resigned from his job, stating that he "didn't want to see such a horrible thing like that again." 

The witnesses to these encounters in Utuado placed security surveillance cameras in front of their residences, hoping that if the creature returns it can be videotaped and provide evidence of its presence.

Gargoyles Fight in Bayamón 

But certainly, the most shocking incident of this type in Puerto Rico occurred on the night of January 23, 2020, when apparently two of these unusual humanoid creatures terrorized residents of a sector of the Lomas Verdes urbanization zone near the Bayamón Regional Hospital, in the municipality of the same name, in the north of the island. 

We managed to talk with a couple the witnesses to the incident, Mrs. Yadira Guzmán and her neighbor, who, still very impressed by what had happened, told us how everything went. 

According to her, it was 5:00 a.m. in the morning, and she woke up when she felt something very heavy fall and walk on the roof of her residence. 

“Whatever it was was something big, because you could feel and hear its heavy footsteps -she indicated-. "I looked through the glass door of my house -she added- and at first I didn't see anything, but I became terrified when I saw that something that was up there in the roof of my house was trying to tear off a gray canvas shade curtain that I have in front of the house, which connects with the ceiling...and I heard a very loud growl. 

“At that moment something fell down from the roof in the middle of a row of small trees in the front patio, leaving many broken twigs… and then I saw what it was. It wasn't something human, and it was very tall. Standing up it surpassed the top of my house, the roof. That thing would be over 7 to 8 feet tall, because it was standing on the ground and the curtain covered his upper body, his shoulders, and its head. 

“He was somewhat corpulent, with a body similar to that of a man, but he looked well muscled, strong. It was a dark color, and with wings, but I couldn't get a good look at them. 

“Apparently, there were two of those things, because when that one fell, it went down slowly to the ground, kind of floating, and then I felt something fly out off my ceiling and it was gone, I felt the strong noise of its wings flapping…and it was real loud.” 

Mrs. Guzmán, terrified by what had just happened, asked her neighbors if they had felt the hubbub caused by the creatures, and one of them, Mr. Miguel Pagán, said he had heard “the fight between the creatures first on the reinforced zinc roof of my residence for several minutes and then they moved from my roof to Yadira's roof”.

Miguel added: “I did not dare to go out to see what was happening, because it scared me, but I recorded the noises and roars of those things while they were fighting with my cell phone. They roared loudly, and you could feel them on the ceiling and a strong flapping of wings. That was scary". 

Later, Miguel gave a copy of the recording he made with noises and roars to Yadira Guzmán. 

Both witnesses concluded that the creatures were "gargoyles" similar to the creatures that many people claim to have seen in Puerto Rico in recent times. 

Before ending the conversation about what happened, Yadira told us that a couple of friends of hers who live in the municipality of Aguada, in the west of the island, had experienced something similar with one of these type of creatures back in December 2020. 

One night they woke up at dawn because their dogs were barking furiously, and the husband got up and looked out the window of their room to see what was happening, and as he did so he saw a fantastic creature similar to a very large gargoyle-like creature flying low over his backyard.

He said it was, dark brown in color and with a body similar to that of a very stocky man, with large wings and luminous red eyes. The hideous creature seemed to be searching for something, looking down at the ground. 

Terrified by what he saw, he decided to go back to bed next to his wife and not go outside, although he could not get back to sleep. The next day, very early, he went out to his land to see what was happening and found that two goats on his property had been attacked by something unknown. One of them was dead, and showed strange holes in its body through which its blood seemed to have been drawn out.

In Utuado: Two Gargoyles Fight for an Iguana 

Another recent testimony from a witness who lives in Utuado reminded us of the incident of the gargoyles fighting in Bayamón. 

Mr. José Mendoza (pseudonym) revealed that he was recently driving his pick-up vehicle one night in a road in the Roncador Arriba sector of the town of Utuado and suddenly saw in front of him, in the middle of the road, what he initially thought were two men struggling. 

But as he got closer, the lights of the vehicle allowed him to see that "they were not men, but actually two incredible creatures" who were struggling for an iguana. 

“One of them -Mendoza said- was holding the iguana from behind and the other one was holding it by its head, and each one was pulling it to its side. They were like fighting over her". 

He described the two creatures as “man-like, black, muscular and winged. Their eyes were red and luminous, with a more or less very strange square shape”. 

Seeing those two weird creatures, he grabbed a large, sharp machete that he had in his vehicle and got out of it to approach the two fantastic creatures, and one of them, seeing him approach with the machete, released the iguana, jumped a deep ravine and he lost sight of it. 

“The other creature did the same thing -he indicated- and it took a great jump, landing on the top of a tree, but the tree could not support its weight and it jumped and went down another ravine and disappeared.

According to all the witnesses of these events, these creatures seem to be intelligent. But what are they? Where have they come from, why are they here in Puerto Rico, and what is their purpose? 

That, dear readers, will be answered on a future occasion. The investigations into this situations continue.

NOTE: Jorge's previous report can be found at 'Alien Entity' Recorded in El Yunque, Puerto Rico Rainforest (PHOTOS) - Lon