Saturday, June 11, 2022

Dark-Colored Winged Being Observed Over St. Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, Illinois (SKETCH)


A man and his fiancé are riding along W. Belmont Ave near St. Joseph Cemetery in River Grove, IL when he observes a dark-colored winged being flying high above the cemetery.

"Hello, my name is RC. I have lived in Franklin Park, Illinois for a few years now and have been following all the Chicago Mothman sightings. I had a day off work on April 20th (2022) this year and my fiancé and I were driving on W. Belmont Ave. going east around 9 am (it was W. Belmont Ave. right after River Rd). I was looking out the window (my fiancé was driving) and I saw over St Joseph Cemetery, flying high up, this black thing. At first I thought it might've been a drone but the way it was flying. I could tell it was not any kind of aircraft or bird that I've ever seen. It was all black and I could see it had wings, but I couldn't see any other features and no head. It wasn't flapping its wings either. It was just flying extremely fast at an angle.

I yelled to my fiancé, 'Do you see that? She couldn't see as it was almost gone and plus she was driving. I said, 'I think that's the Mothman thing everyone is seeing! It has to be!' But she dismissed it and said I was crazy. I really thought about not reporting it until this morning when I saw someone reported seeing three of these black things. The video is exactly what I saw, except it was only one I saw, not three like the person and his daughter in Bensenville.

I'm not an artist, but as the days were passing I decided to draw what I saw, I've enclosed the pic I drew on my phone. It was just this black thing. I didn’t take a picture or video because it would’ve been just a small dot with how fast it was flying into the clouds."

NOTE: There have been sightings in the general area before. The witness was reluctant to add additional information because of his fiancé, but I was able to fund out a bit more details which were added to the account. BTW, St. Joseph Cemetery is the final resting place for notorious gangster and killer 'Baby Face' Nelson. Lon