Friday, May 13, 2022

3rd Winged Humanoid Sighting in Bensenville, Illinois Reported


3rd sighting of a winged humanoid has been reported in Bensenville, Illinois (near O'Hare International Airport). This sighting was made on the night of May 9, 2022.

The following recent encounter was reported to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:

Date of Sighting: Monday May 9, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 1900

Location of Sighting: Bensenville, Illinois

Number of Witnesses: Two

Status of Case: Under Investigation

Sighting Details:

"I was out for a walk with my fiancé, enjoying the warm weather after so much cold. We were out by the basketball courts next to Tioga Elementary (212 Memorial Rd, Bensenville, IL) when we saw what looked like a large person standing ON TOP of the building that was behind the playground. It looked like a tall person wearing what looked like a cape. This person then jumped off the building and the cape turned out to be wings which it opened up and used to fly over us and out over the field and away. It was the damnest thing we had ever seen and really scary."

Investigators Notes:

An investigator for UFO Clearinghouse has reached out to the witness and we are awaiting a response. We will update the site as soon as more information is obtained.

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