Friday, April 22, 2022

Bigfoot Encounters Recently Reported at Uwharrie National Forest, NC - Yates Place Campground


An eyewitness, who camps in Uwharrie National Forest, NC - Yates Place Campground, has had at least two Bigfoot encounters during the past few weeks.

I recently received the following on Monday April 18, 2022:

"The recent Bigfoot sighting in Montgomery County in North Carolina was at Low Water Bridge in Montgomery County in the Uwharrie National Forest - Yates Place Campground at the same time. I have a lot of information if you would like to contact. I only saw it once but I had a lot of encounters at my tent and campsite with it, and I can tell you a lot about how nature changed and the animal's behavior. I can give you a lot of information."

I called 'SM' in order to follow up on this sighting. SM is local man who is currently homeless and living in a tent near the location.

According to SM, there was a reported Bigfoot sighting near the Low Water Bridge (map below) approximately 2 weeks ago. Since that time, there have been many people in the area looking for this creature. In fact, SM states that he has been harassed by a few of the people coming through the campground.

During the period that SM has resided at the campground, he has witnessed the male Bigfoot near his tent. He described it at 6 1/2 foot tall, black in color, muscular, but not bulky. It occurred near his tent when he was by his campfire at night. It slowly approached SM and growled. SM yelled at it, but the Bigfoot stood its ground. I did stop growling, then continued walking away from SM.

SM also stated that a few nights later, (after he had originally written me) he heard a sound that he thought was a child crying. He looked out of his tent and witnessed the same male Bigfoot holding a small juvenile. It stopped for a second, then continued on its way.

The stream below his campsite is currently active in the early evenings. He has witnessed (possibly) another Bigfoot drinking or washing.

There have been several dead feral hogs found scattered around the vicinity over the past weeks. Also, a dead calf was found nearby. In all cases, there was no predation, mutilation or weapon markings.

The witness is seems to be of sound mind and believable. SM states that he keeps his campfire high at night and sleeps during the day. I'm going to continue to monitor the incidents. Our team may eventually go to the location in some capacity. Lon

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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