Saturday, April 30, 2022

(UPDATED & SKETCHES) - Red-Eyed 'Chirping Man-Bat' Encountered at Business Near O'Hare International


A truck driver at work in Bensenville, Illinois, just southwest of O'Hare International Airport, encounters a red-eyed winged humanoid that was heard making 'chirping' sounds.

The following recent encounter was reported to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:

"I was at work Thursday night (April 28, 2022). I had just brought back a man-lift from a construction site that we had picked up and brought back to the yard. I had just driven the man-lift off of the trailer and was just about to get back into the truck to park it when I saw some movement from the back of the yard. I grabbed a flashlight and headed back toward the storage containers that are kept in the back. I saw something on top of the container and I shined the light on it and asked them what the hell they were doing back there and that I was about to call the police if they didn’t get out of there. I kept walking toward them and yelling when I heard a series of clicks, rapid-fire clicks and what sounded like chirping. I’m a bit of a history buff and back in WW2, U.S. troops used to carry these clickers called “crickets” that they used to communicate with one another. This sounded like these clickers only faster and louder, same pitch and tone.

I was about 12 feet from the containers, I looked up and was met with a pair of red eyes that were staring directly at me. These were attached to what looked like a tall being that must have been at least 6-7 feet tall and looked like a giant man-bat kind of thing. I lost it and started backing up while trying not to scream like a little girl. This man-bat was partially lit up by the lights we have around the yard. I tried to shine my flashlight on this thing and it started clicking at me and took off into the air. It took off toward the north. I practically ran back to the truck and got in and parked it. I swear to God, I sprinted toward my car, which was parked by the main building where it was lit up by the street lights. Thoughts of something swooping down to attack me were swirling around in my head. I got in my car and left, not stopping till I got home."

Investigators notes:

An investigator has reached out to the witness and more details will be posted as soon as possible.

UPDATE from Manuel Navarette:

I reached out to the witness and they were initially hesitant to speak and asked me to call them back before I was able to convince him to speak with me in regards to his sighting. The witness works for an industrial rental company where they service and rent a wide variety of industrial equipment. The witness is a driver for the company and has been there for about 3 years, the witness describes his job as delivering and picking up various pieces of equipment. The witness stated that they had picked up a man-lift ( portable piece of heavy equipment used to raise and lower people used for various construction projects) The witness had just arrived back at his employer and had just dropped off the equipment and was in the process of parking his semi and trailer when he saw the entity.

The witness stated that they had a row of transportation containers along the back that were used for storage purposes and it was there that he had seen movement and decided to investigate. The witness stated that he thought it was an intruder looking around the containers looking to steal tools or equipment. He stated that had reached into his truck and had pulled out a large Mag-lite flashlight which is a long flashlight with a sturdy metal handle that can be used as a baton. He stated that as he walked toward the containers he saw something standing on top of the containers and that as he got closer he noticed a pair of bright red eyes looking directly at him. He estimated the entity as standing about 6-7 feet tall and described it as a “Man-Bat” For reference purposes, Man-Bat is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Introduced in Detective Comics #400 as an enemy of the superhero Batman. Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson did prepare sketches based on the witnesses description and they will be posted in the report below for reference purposes.

The witness did state that as he approached the containers he started to hear clicking coming from the direction of the entity. The witness described the clicking as sounding as coming from a WW2 era clicker, commonly referred to as a “cricket” by Allie soldiers. These devices were handheld brass clickers used by soldiers to communicate and identify each other during nighttime raids. They were most famously used by American Airborne soldiers of the 102nd Airborne division. The witness stated that the sound was similar in tone, only faster and louder and only got faster and louder as he approached the storage containers. As the witness approached the containers he stated that the entity stood up and took flight toward the north and was out of sight within seconds. The witness described running back to his truck and then after parking it, running to his car with an overwhelming feeling that something might swoop down and attack him. The witness stated even when he got home he could not shake the feeling and stayed in his car for 2-3 minutes before getting out and going home. The next day the witness did some research online where he found our contact information and submitted his report. The witness appeared to be sincere in his recounting of the events of that night and did not change any of his story and even corrected the investigator when he tried to purposely embellish the story. The next step will be field investigation and with the witnesses permission, that will be conducted at the earliest available opportunity.

A sketch using the description of the witness drawn by Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson

A sketch using the description of the witness drawn by Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team member Vincent Richardson

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Bigfoot Encounters Recently Reported at Uwharrie National Forest, NC - Yates Place Campground


An eyewitness, who camps in Uwharrie National Forest, NC - Yates Place Campground, has had at least two Bigfoot encounters during the past few weeks.

I recently received the following on Monday April 18, 2022:

"The recent Bigfoot sighting in Montgomery County in North Carolina was at Low Water Bridge in Montgomery County in the Uwharrie National Forest - Yates Place Campground at the same time. I have a lot of information if you would like to contact. I only saw it once but I had a lot of encounters at my tent and campsite with it, and I can tell you a lot about how nature changed and the animal's behavior. I can give you a lot of information."

I called 'SM' in order to follow up on this sighting. SM is local man who is currently homeless and living in a tent near the location.

According to SM, there was a reported Bigfoot sighting near the Low Water Bridge (map below) approximately 2 weeks ago. Since that time, there have been many people in the area looking for this creature. In fact, SM states that he has been harassed by a few of the people coming through the campground.

During the period that SM has resided at the campground, he has witnessed the male Bigfoot near his tent. He described it at 6 1/2 foot tall, black in color, muscular, but not bulky. It occurred near his tent when he was by his campfire at night. It slowly approached SM and growled. SM yelled at it, but the Bigfoot stood its ground. I did stop growling, then continued walking away from SM.

SM also stated that a few nights later, (after he had originally written me) he heard a sound that he thought was a child crying. He looked out of his tent and witnessed the same male Bigfoot holding a small juvenile. It stopped for a second, then continued on its way.

The stream below his campsite is currently active in the early evenings. He has witnessed (possibly) another Bigfoot drinking or washing.

There have been several dead feral hogs found scattered around the vicinity over the past weeks. Also, a dead calf was found nearby. In all cases, there was no predation, mutilation or weapon markings.

The witness is seems to be of sound mind and believable. SM states that he keeps his campfire high at night and sleeps during the day. I'm going to continue to monitor the incidents. Our team may eventually go to the location in some capacity. Lon

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Tall Red-Eyed, Mantis-Head, Winged Cryptid Observed on Elk Grove Village, Illinois Roof


The following information was provided by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research member Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:

Date: April 9, 2022

Time of Sighting: Approximately 2300

Location of Sighting: Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Description: Winged humanoid seen on top of garage by seven witnesses

Status of Case: Under Investigation – referred to Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team

Sighting Report:

"We were at my niece’s birthday party and I joined some family members outside for a drink and to smoke a cigarette. We were standing behind the garage when my cousin got everyone’s attention and pointed toward the neighbors garage. There, on top of the garage, was what looked like a really thin man, except he was hunched over and had extremely long arms, freakishly long arms that he was propping himself up with. He stood there hunched over on his knuckles looking at us with these bright red glowing eyes that did not blink. He had a pair of large wings that seemed to come out from his back and were slowly moving. it looked like he was slowly moving them up and down while he stood there looking at us. We were about 50-60 feet away from this thing, but we could still see it from where we were standing. He shifted up and down, almost like he was examining us and trying to figure out who or what we were, as curious about us as we were of him. There were seven of us out there and all of us had a good view of this thing as it stood there on top of the next door neighbor’s garage.

My two younger female cousins were saying they were scared of this, calling it a 'demon.' Their dad, my uncle, kept telling them that they were going to be ok as long as they stayed by him and the group. It stood there looking at us for what seemed like 30 seconds before it started flapping its wings, and jumped off the garage and flew away. It looked extremely tall and thin, like it was all skin and bones and weighed less than I did. I’m petite, like half the size of my cousins and used to get teased about it growing up. But this creature looked like it was even thinner than I was. It looked like a tall version of those starving children that you see on the news every once in a while. It was greyish black, and had a head that looked like it was shaped kind of like a praying mantis, except it had glowing red eyes that never blinked, not even once. When it jumped off the garage roof, it made my cousins and even my uncle scream as it flew off and over the trees in the backyard of my grandmother’s house and it was gone. I know we had been drinking during the party but no one was drunk, not even tipsy and I know we all saw the same thing, which means unless we were all seeing things, this thing was really there.

When we went inside and told the others, my mother and grandmother both thought we were all joking, but when they saw that we were all scared and that we were all saying the same thing, they started to believe us. My grandmother and grandfather both said that it could have been La Lechuza and that we were lucky nothing happened to us. I’m not sure that what we saw was La Lechuza, but when I got home I did research and then sent my family members screen shots and links to the sightings."

NOTE: Manuel is tracking down the other witnesses and will provide updates to this sighting. Until we received better information on the address, I'm going to refrain from posting it on the interactive map. Below is the witness' sketch. Lon

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Massive 'Dogman' Encountered in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Backyard


A Karthaus Township, Pennsylvania witness and his mother observe a massive 6-7 foot-long canine quadruped in their backyard during the day. The height was also extraordinary.

I recently received the following account:

"Good afternoon Mr. Strickler,

My name is ED and I have a possible unexplained experience I would like to share with you. The following events occurred in Karthaus Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. It was in the Fall of 2001, I would have been 9-years-old at the time.

We lived down the street from Benton's Market. I can't remember the street name, of course, because it has been so long, but we lived before a bend that led down to the headquarters of a company that had big rig trucks parked there.

My father worked on the road for a construction job, so at the time it was just my mother and I, she worked at the Perma Grain Product factory in town. This had to have been on a weekend or a school holiday break because we were both home at the time.

I remember hearing bobcat screams in the woods behind our house all the time. The local wildlife was very diverse and is something I would no longer be used to as I live in Pittsburgh now. Anyway there was a wooded area close by, if not everywhere. We had even witnessed 2 bears in our time there.

But I'll never forget the night our dog "Lucky" went completely ballistic barking at something or someone outside on or near our front porch. I remember looking out the window while my mother was asleep and seeing what I at first thought was someone else's dog or a coyote. 

I'll never forget what I saw and I never would have contacted anyone about it until I recently read a few reports of a supposed "dogman."

I really don't know how to explain it. I didn't see its eyes but I did see an easily 6 or 7 foot in length canine. It was only visible for a few seconds but clear as day. This thing was something that stuck in my mind and still does to this day. My mom had woken up and gotten off the couch to look with me and also saw it. We both still swear to this day what we saw. Its fur was definitely a lot different and very mangy looking, compared to other wildlife in the area.

We think it was attracted to the food we would leave out for the stray cats in the neighborhood. It actually bounded off after a few seconds, it wasn't upright at all and it stayed on all fours. But it was taller than an NBA player and moved in a different manner than anything I had ever seen.

It had me visibly shaken and I remember being stunned. My mom called my dad and woke him up and talked to him about it for hours. Neither one of us wanted to go to bed after that. I remember it turned into the first time my mother and I stayed up and told stories until 3 AM.

I remember my mom explicitly telling my father that it was unlike anything she had ever seen. And her only friend in the town took her claims as skeptical at first. Until I was there to confirm what she saw. 

I don't know this experience always had me wondering way later into my adult years as to what this thing was and if there were more of them. I just found it interesting that there were other sightings like this in the Clearfield area and figured I would share this experience with you. Thank you so much and have a great day." ED

NOTE: We have received several dogman / upright canine reports from Clearfield County over time. Karthaus is approximately 15 miles east of the Penfield area, where most of these other sightings were reported. The Moshannon State Forest is in between these locations, and is well-known for unexplained activity. There is also a considerable amount of Bigfoot sightings in this area as well. Lon