Tuesday, March 29, 2022

'Cryptid Biped' Encounters in Cambria County, Pennsylvania (Possible Upright Canine)


Newly reported cryptid biped encounters in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. This area has a history of upright canine sightings and other unexplained activity. Investigation forthcoming.

I recently received the following account:

"Two summers ago, my wife and I had two unusual encounters while fishing near Ebensburg, Pennsylvania in Cambria County. Both occurred in an area we used to fish multiple times a week, even late at night. It's a favorite trout creek of mine since I was a child.

The first encounter was around the end of July 2020, I believe around 3-4 PM. We were at our usual spot for an hour or so and didn't get any bites, so we decided to try to find a spot my dad had told us about. We packed up and walked down a trail/ATV path for maybe 15-20 minutes before we found a tree stand set up and knew we had to have walked past the spot we were looking for. I just wanted to fish, so I tried to walk directly towards the creek from the trail but the brush was very thick and hard to navigate. I could see it was quite swampy on the other side, so I gave up and we started walking back the way we had come from.

As soon as we started walking again we heard something moving around just past the brush. We acknowledged it and assumed it was simply a squirrel or something similar. Shortly after this, we come to a large puddle in the trail with tadpoles in it. So, we stopped for a few minutes to watch them swim. We start walking again and immediately notice the sound of leaves and sticks again, just in the brush. After a minute we realize something is definitely following us. Without stopping, I grabbed my small fish cleaning knife and a larger knife I carry specifically for self-defense and give my wife the small knife.

Eventually as we got closer to our original spot and car, where the trail opens into a large field. Once we were in the field and out of dense trees, whatever it was seemed to be gone. At the time the best thing we could come up with was it was a cougar because we knew whatever it was it was clearly following and watching us. But then, as we discussed it more, we realized it was a bipedal walk like a man and couldn't have been on 4 legs.

The second incident was the same creek, but a few miles upstream and about a month or so later around 5-6 PM. This time we went to a spot we usually avoided because it's the most accessible area on the creek and the most likely to have other people. We specifically choose this spot because of what had happened the last time. In this particular spot, a bridge goes over the creek and there's a large area underneath to fish from.

We climb under the bridge and start fishing, but after a few minutes we start to hear what sounds like something pacing back and forth, or maybe going in circles in a swamp to our left side. Again, I think maybe it's a squirrel or rabbit, maybe even a raccoon or a fox. But I'm uneasy because of the last time fishing, so I start occasionally tossing pebbles at the noise, hoping whatever it was would get scared and run away. It would stop for a minute or two then start moving again and I would throw another and it would stop again. I did this for about half an hour before we decided to leave. We stood on the bridge for a bit which is at least 10 feet above the swampy area but couldn't see or hear anything else and left. Again we believe it was bipedal footsteps.

We have not been back to that creek since then. We stick to fishing larger dams and try to only go at times when it's more likely for other people to be out. I also now carry a large handgun or 2 when fishing, just in case. The creek this all took place at also happens to flow into a local dam where you have a reported white Dogman sighting about 2 years prior to my experiences." ES

NOTE: This is in the area around Wilmore Reservoir. We have had reported cryptid canine activity back in 2018. We have also investigated 3 other sightings / encounters of upright canines in Portage, PA in Cambria County. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team plans to investigate these newly reported sightings in the near future. Lon