Saturday, November 20, 2021

Gliding 'Winged Humanoid' Observed Over Chicago's Gold Coast

A witness recalls her husband's sighting of a winged humanoid in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago in September 2017, several blocks west of Lake Michigan.

I recently received the following account:

"For the sake of completeness, I wanted to report a winged creature/Mothman sighting in Chicago back in 2017. It was my husband who experienced what I am about to describe below.

We lived in the Gold Coast about 3 blocks East from Lake Michigan. It was in late September of 2017, in the Sandburg Village area (on N. Clark St., between E. Schiller St. and W. Goethe St.). He was out about 9 PM local time at night walking the dog when our dog looked up, prompting my husband to look up. Gliding silently, about 20 feet overhead, was a very large black figure. He said it had a large wingspan, about the size of a person, but did not flap any wings to move forward. The creature continued gliding south then turned left and went towards Lake Michigan.

There are some houses along that part of the street and it was flying at a height which was just above the rooftops, going south before taking a left over the rooftops and heading west towards the lake traveling around Goethe Street.

I think he felt very uneasy while witnessing this. He has not the slightest interest in the paranormal, even after this, but I thought this mysterious experience should be reported for completeness." SC

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