Friday, October 1, 2021

Former Airline Executive: Law Enforcement Needs to Warn Public About O'Hare Mothman


A former airline industry executive writes me, insisting that law enforcement be briefed on the incidents regarding the winged humanoids. He fears that the public is in real danger as a result of the presence of these beings. 

I recently received the following email:

"Hi Lon: Thank you for your hard work and for being a voice for us to turn to in strange times.  I'm sharing some information with you because I believe that residents of Chicago and essentially those living everywhere in the US should be alerted that something very dangerous is happening in our nation. I am not an expert on cryptids, but as a former executive in the airline industry, I have witnessed strange aerial phenomena and have heard first-hand sighting accounts from pilots. It is my opinion that Illinois law enforcement should be alerted of such issues both cryptid and aerial (UFOs) because citizens are at risk. IMHO suburban/rural residents should not go outside after 11 PM unless they really must. Such a message "to be situationally aware and prepared" must be presented to our neighbors.  Sidenote:  Seemingly everyone that works at O'Hare knows about the UFO and Mothman sightings. However, to be safe, more people need to be briefed on this issue.

Here is an account of what happened one night last month, August 2021:

I share a townhome with my better half, in a nicely landscaped community within a large suburb 16 miles directly south of O'Hare Airport.  We have a duck pond with pine trees next to our home which is often visited by coyotes at night attempting to catch a duck or goose. On this particular August night at 2 AM we were awakened by a super loud, screaming, "canine-in distress, totally in pain" noise by a pine tree near the street. The first scream lasted almost 20 seconds without stopping. It was the most gruesome loud noise I have ever heard from an animal and I took it to be a coyote (because who in their right mind would be walking a dog at 2 AM and nobody was yelling for help as if their dog was attacked). The screaming noise stopped abruptly and then it started again, only louder. The animal definitely being tortured, and I could tell that the noise was moving away from our location as if the animal was moving down the street somehow. The question we have been trying to determine around here is...what predator is big enough to capture and torture a coyote? Given the reports of Mothman flying around Chicago, I shudder to think that no "common" predator could carry a 60-pound coyote and that perhaps Mothy was flying sorties in our neighborhood that night.

We know the background of Mothman, dating back to 1966 in Point Pleasant, WV.  We know its extraterrestrial ties and unique strengths, and that it is flying all over Chicago at night.  It is time that law enforcement is briefed, and afterward presents an awareness campaign for citizens to be updated on the risks - to be situationally aware at night and prepared to defend oneself.  Both Mothy and the "white creepy 4 crawler alien" are becoming more brazen in their appearances and interactions in the Midwest and we need to make citizens aware of this growing situation for their personal safety.

Thanks again for your hard work! Regards, T"

UPDATE: Winged Being / Large Boomerang UFO Encountered at O'Hare International Airport


The following account was forwarded to Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse. This is an ongoing investigation and any further evidence will be posted. Manuel did conduct a cursory interview with the witness. Those revelations have been added with the original report:

Original Report: Winged Being / Large Boomerang UFO Encountered at O'Hare International Airport

UPDATE - 10/1/2021 - The following information was provided by Manuel Navarette:

I was able to speak to the witness and determine the exact location of the sighting, which was a construction site set up as part of the ongoing O’Hare Airport expansion. The construction site is located at the intersection of W. Irving Park Rd. and Taft Ave (photos enclosed along with the report) the location is located approximately 4,025 ft from Resthaven Cemetery (in a straight line or 2.10 miles via the highway). The witness said he was on duty at about 1 a.m. on September 24, 2021 and was there to make sure no one was coming onto the construction site to steal or damage any of the equipment. The witness said he never had anything of this sort happen before, he has seen lights and orbs in the sky but he always assumed they were just airplane lights associated with day to day operation of the airport. When asked if he had heard of the winged humanoid sightings being reported at O’Hare, the witness stated that he had not. When asked for background information, the witness stated that he had been with the security company for a little over a year and had previously retired from active service with the United States Army and had served multiple campaigns in Afghanistan during his tenure in the Army.

When asked about the sighting itself, the witness had stated that he had seen movement and had gone to investigate when he came upon the winged being. The being was standing upright on the ground and he approximated that it was 20 feet from the witness. The being had a pair of black wings that were unfurled and were noticeable due to the background lighting from the surrounding area from buildings and street lamps. When asked if the entity was doing anything, the witness said it was just standing there and looking right at him. The witness described the being as being approximately 7 1/2 feet tall and thinly built with red eyes and had a wingspan of about 10 feet according to the witness. The witness stated that he stood there looking at him for about 3-5 seconds before the area was bathed in a bright white light that lasted for about 1-2 seconds. The witness stated that he could see the immediate area around him as clear as day and associated it with the same kind of brilliant flash seen when a large meteorite or fireball lights up the sky. When the witness looked, the being was gone and about 60 feet above him, the witness saw what he described as a very large triangular shaped craft that had lights along the edge and at the corners slowly moving away from his location. The object kept moving away and gaining height for a few seconds before it shot into the distance and was gone.

When asked if he had experienced any missing time, nausea or disorientation associated with his experience, the witness stated that he did not and that the rest of the night was uneventful other than it frightening him to the point that he kept all the doors locked and the truck turned on till he left right before dawn. The witness stated that he had never seen anything like this in his life and had no explanation as to what had transpired to him. When asked if he went back to work, the witness stated he had the weekend off but had returned to work the following Monday and has had no other incidents happen to him.

It is the opinion of the investigator that the witness has shown no signs of fabricating the story and seems to be genuine with his recounting of the events of the night and warrants further investigation. A field investigation will be conducted and any pictures and information obtained will be posted to the website.