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July 22, 2021 'O'Hare Mothman' Incident - More Follow-Up Eyewitness Interviews


The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team has interview more witnesses who observed the July 22, 2021 winged humanoid incident at O'Hare International Airport.

The following account was reported to Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research and UFO Clearinghouse investigator Manuel Navarette:

The following information was reported to the MUFON CMS on August 10, 2021:

Case - 117223

Occurred - 2021-07-22 00:00

Reported - 2021-08-10 09:14

(Reported 19 Days Later)

Source - MUFON

Summary Tall man with wings and red eyes

Approximation to protect the reporters identity

Region - Illinois

Country - United States

Distance - Unknown

Altitude - Unknown

Duration - 00:00:00

Shape - Unknown

Detailed Description

I am part of the ground crew for a major air cargo facility at O’Hare and we were working on unloading a cargo plane that had arrived earlier that evening. I was operating one of the lifts that lifts cargo containers down from the plane to the ground. It was about ten at night when the call came over our radios that there was a report of an unknown person being seen on the tarmac near the fence. I began looking around and saw a large man standing approximately fifty feet away from us, near the fence separating us from the road. He must have been close to seven feet tall, but I was not close enough to tell for sure. He was wearing what looked like a black coat and was just standing there. I radioed my supervisor that I saw someone over by the fence and my supervisor ran over to where I was at. By this time the entire ground crew was aware of this man’s presence and was radioing in to their supervisors. It must have been no more than 20 seconds after that that the first of man airport security vehicles showed up. One approached the man from the other side of the fence while another two drove past us and stopped short of the man who by this time was easier to see with the car lights on him. It did not look like any man I have ever seen. He was solid black and had red eyes that must have been reflecting the lights like cats eyes. It also had wings that were now spread open and must have been 15 feet from tip to tip. This man let out a loud screech. It sounded a lot like a barn owl when it tried to warn you away. This man then started flapping its wings and took off, you could hear the sound of the wings as it took off into the air and was gone in seconds. I was honestly scared for my life and started to pray for protection. I know in this world that demons walk among us and I was certain that whatever this thing was, it had to be demonic and an agent of the devil. A lot of my coworkers were also very frightened after this thing took off and many of them ran inside the safety of the plane when it took off. I am certain that this was a demon and it must have been sent here to frighten us.

NOTE: From the information gathered, I suspect that the MUFON CMS report came from another member of the cargo ground crew working with 'EW.' I believe that these were employees of FedEx because of the sighting proximity and distance from the tarmac. As reported previously, the O'Hare management and carrier companies are taking these winged humanoid sightings very serious and have warned all employees to not contact us. We are so grateful for those folks who have come forward and who continue to assist us in our determination to find answers. Lon

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Investigators Notes:

I spoke with the witness in regards to his sighting. The witness was at first very hesitant and was not willing to go into much details due to the threat of losing his job. The witness said they were explicitly told to not talk to any media or investigators about any of the events that transpired that night or risk being disciplined, up to and including termination of employment. The witness was assured that his anonymity would be preserved and that no information would be shared with anyone outside of the research team investigating this sighting.

After about a half hour of talking and reassurance, the witness opened up about his sighting and the investigator was able to make some headway in getting information from the witness in regards to his sighting. The witness said he initially contacted the Mutual UFO Network regarding his sighting and then contacted us after seeing UFO Clearinghouse and Phantoms and Monsters run the story about his reported sighting. When asked if he spoke with a MUFON field investigator, the witness said one contacted him via email and they exchanged one or two emails but after that there was radio silence and the investigator did not reach out to him again. The witness did provide information to the investigator regarding the sighting and included a sketch of the creature he reportedly saw. When asked if he could provide a copy of the sketch, the witness said he did not have it but could draw another for me.

When asked about the sighting, the witness said they were unloading a cargo plane that had just recently arrived and that there were about eight other people working both in and out of the place plus one or two supervisors watching over the operation. The witness said someone got on the radio reporting someone was on the tarmac by the fence. That is when the witness looked over and saw the entity. He described it as approximately 6-7 feet tall and thin with a large pair of black wings that were at least 10 feet across and with bright red eyes. The witness says that the entity was standing near the fence and appeared to be observing them and did not appear to move toward them at all. The entity just stood there slowly moving its wings back and forth slowly. According to the witness, the first TSA and Airport Security personnel showed up within 2-3 minutes of the initial sighting and they shined their flashlights directly at the entity. The entity then screeched and began to flap its wings faster and took off into the air. He stated that he saw the entity circle around twice before heading off toward the runways and into the night. When asked why no one took a picture, the witness stated that he was in complete and total shock at what he was observing and the thought of taking a picture had not crossed his mind. He stated that if he had been observed taking a picture, it would have probably been confiscated by his superiors and TSA.

When asked what was told to him after the encounter, the witness stated that they were told to get back to work and not to talk about any of what had just happened. The witness said they were all pulled into a meeting the next day and told that it was nothing more than a large owl or heron and that they were explicitly told not to talk to anyone from the media regarding this sighting and that disciplinary measures would be strictly enforced including termination. The witness said that his direct supervisor along with a company executive were at this meeting and they were told to “forget the entire episode” and focus solely on their work. The witness said the company executive came off with an aggressive stance against the employees involved in the incident and it was he that told the employees that any one who spoke out about the events of the previous night would be dealt with directly by himself and his superiors and that they would be dealt with harshly. 

When asked why he decided to speak out, the witness said he felt it needed to be told that these events are happening and that someone needed to know what he and his coworkers saw that night. When asked if he was scared of losing his job, the witness said he genuinely was and that is why he was going to such extraordinary lengths to protect his identity. It was at this point the witness said he would go no further and the investigator thanked him for his time and concluded the interview.

It is the investigators opinion that this witness does sound credible and does not seem to be attempting to deceive anyone with a fabricated story. The fact that multiple witnesses have come forward to corroborated this sighting has only lent credence to the validity of this sighting.

NOTE: This information is consistent with the reports I have regularly received from a confidential informant who happens to be a supervisor employed by one of the commercial carriers. Below is a photograph of the location where this witness stopped their car in an attempt to capture an image of the winged being. Lon

NOTE: Here are the links to the previous witness accounts in reference to this particular sighting: 'O'Hare Mothman' Approached by Multiple TSA Security Personnel - BREAKING! 'Red-Eyed Winged Humanoid' at O'Hare International on July 22, 2021 - Additional Eyewitnesses Come Forward. Lon

Have you had a sighting of a winged humanoid or huge bat-like creature in the Chicago, Illinois metro area / Lake Michigan region? The entity has also been referred to as the 'Chicago Mothman', 'Chicago Owlman' & 'O'Hare Mothman.' - Chicago / Lake Michigan Winged Humanoid Regional Interactive Map - Please feel free to contact me at - your anonymity is guaranteed. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks. Lon Strickler