Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Red-Eyed 'Man-Like' Winged Being Encountered in Brawley, California


3 Brawley, California men encounter a red-eyed 'man-like' winged being near their home. There was also another incident involving a similar flying creature near the Red Earth Casino.

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Luis Castillo recently followed-up on an inquiry reported to the team:

"I spoke to Estefan about a winged creature he and 2 (Raphael & Beto) others saw around 6 years ago. They all reside in Brawley, California, which is located 25 minutes from the U.S and Mexican border. He mentioned that when he saw it, it was about midnight in late December after Christmas. He said that initially he had looked up and seen what he first thought to be a bird flying over a certain area in a “ZIG ZAG” pattern. He mentioned it to his friends and at first they didn’t see it. But as he kept looking at it, he noticed that it was not a bird but a “man-like” creature with wings. He explained to them what he was describing and as usual, they started to say he was seeing things.

It was sometime after this point, that Estefan noticed that it had now stopped in mid air and began to look back at him. I asked him if he could describe it, he said it had big red eyes, was tall, possibly 6"5’, but wasn’t exact to the height just that it was “big.” He said that its “skin” reminded him of a barn owl. I asked him if it was covered in feathers, he said no. I'm assuming he meant color as he than mentioned it was “khaki” dark. Also that he could see that the wings were spread out and he could see the detail of veins, like a bat. The face, to him seemed “burned”, but not, just that it gave that impression, ala Freddy Kreuger. What also caused him concern was that as it hovered in mid air, the wings were “still.”

It's at this point he grabs one of his friends and points it out to him to look and what he's looking at. Upon seeing it, his friend yelled to shoot it. That’s when the other friend turned and also saw and began yelling to shoot it. Seems that Estefan was the only one armed. He replied that he wasn’t going to open fire since it was not threatening them. Also, he was afraid that whatever it was, if he had fired at it and the shots did nothing to it, he figured this thing would possibly make short work of them. Estefan does say that while he was focused on its face and wings, that his other friend said the hands were “claw like.”

Estefan cannot recall exactly what he was doing as he said he just stood there, maybe out of fear, but he was transfixed.

Encounter lasted 4-7 minutes, the creature made no noise of any type. He said that's when the people inside the house started to come out due to the yelling the 3 were making. The creature shot up and away in to the dark behind some trees. No one else saw it that night or since. With one exception 2 months later.

A woman friend of theirs made mention as she returned back from Red Earth Casino late at night, that she too saw a flying creature with red eyes flying above her car. (I'm waiting on a call to get more info). But from what was said, this creature would dive down on her car in an aggressive manner. She was the only one in the car from what I can tell.

Now I'm familiar with Brawley, it is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It is surrounded by farms and open land. At night, it becomes very dark with dim street lights. In regards to the casino, I've seen it at times driving to the border. Its location is even much more desolate than Brawley. The roads leading to it and from are 2 lane roads in each direction. Leaving that location to Brawley, especially at night, is a long lonely dark desolate road.

I'm going to setup a meet and greet with them next month after the 10th as my schedule is packed. I did mention I want to the 3 men and, if possible, the woman along with any people that dealt with them to get their reactions of these 3-4 people. I will end up going with a team member and if possible, stay late at night in Brawley, than driving off to the road where the woman saw this thing diving on her car as she sped away.

The event has traumatized the 3. All 3 wont go out at night, Raphael will no longer go to Estefan's home or see him, unless he spots him at the gas station. Beto, from what I understand, is currently homeless and wont go anywhere. Estefan continues to look for it, but feels that it watches him. At the time of the incident, they were between the ages of 50-52." Luis Castillo