Tuesday, August 3, 2021

(PHOTO) Possible 'Cloaked Bigfoot' or 'Glimmer Man' - Salt Fork State Park, Ohio

This image was submitted to Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator Luis Castillo on 7/30/2021, and included the following information:

"It was last August 2020. Honestly, I have no idea why I took the photo. I happened to be looking through old digital images when it jumped out at me! I posted to a forum once and the comments were that it was a 'cloaking Bigfoot.'

I believe that the image was taken at a location named 'Bigfoot Ridge' according to the Salt Fork State Park (Ohio) trail map."

Team investigator Amy Bue, who is intimately familiar with the location, commented, "Bigfoot Ridge is the name of the primitive campground. The White Loop is the trail that runs off of it. He might not have taken the whole loop."

So, what are your thoughts? Could this be a 'cloaked Bigfoot', possibly a 'Glimmer Man?' If there is further information, I will poste here. Lon

NOTE: Salt Fork State Park is a public recreation area located six miles north of Lore City in Guernsey County, Ohio. It is the largest state park in Ohio, encompassing 17,229 acres of land and 2,952 acres of water. Salt Fork State Park has a long and well-known reputation for credible Bigfoot sightings and reports. Lon