Monday, April 19, 2021

Recent Upright Canine / Cryptid Sightings & Encounters Reported in Montgomery County, PA

A Pottstown, Pennsylvania resident and her friends have had sightings and strange encounters with a canine cryptid at various times and locations. We are investigating.

I recently received the following information:

"I was born and raised in Pottstown, PA and currently still live here. The sighting was an hour west from Philadelphia and half an hour away from Valley Forge. I ran into your FB page through "Weird Pennsylvania" or something similar to that which led me to the webpage "Phantoms & Monsters." I was reading some things and saw where people who had experienced encounters and sightings could email you with their story. I've had 2 experiences where I've seen things that I cannot explain. I'll start with the most recent. 

Last year a friend and I went for a ride to catch up with our friend. It was in March 2020 on a Saturday night and it just so happened to be the weekend when the quarantine started. We were on Rt.422 around midnight and it was odd cause that highway's usually pretty busy on a Saturday night, but that night we saw maybe 3 cars within a 30 minute ride.

So we finishing visiting our friend and started to make our way back home. It was around 2:30-3am and we were going westbound on Rt.422 and again we were pretty much the only car on the road. There's a grass patch that divides the eastbound & westbound highway. We were in the fast lane between the Collegeville & Royersford exit when all the sudden we passed something to the left of us in the grass. We couldn't see it until we were right up on it and only could catch a glimpse of it for a second.

This thing looked like it was on all 4s maybe eating roadkill or something, but unfortunately I could only see it from like the waist/hips down. It was much bigger than a deer and had longer unkempt/straggly orangish-reddish fur, kind of like the color of a red fox but a little lighter in color. What really gets me was the legs on this thing. It had canine-like legs but they were huge and muscular. It just had that shape that instantly told me this thing was not something you want to f*ck with. The legs looked like the drawings I've seen of werewolves or something evil. Something told me that this thing could walk on 2 legs also.

After we passed it I asked my friend who was driving, "Did you see that"? He replied, "Yeah." I asked him, "What was that?" He replied "I don't know." Neither of us brought it up again during that ride because I think we were just trying to process what the hell did we just see and didn't want to sound crazy.

When I got home I told my boyfriend about it and he has no idea what kind of animal that lives around here that it could've been.

Next time I saw my friend, who had been driving that night, we both agreed that whatever we saw does not fit the description of ANY animals in the area and that it was scary looking. He calls it "The Beast."

A couple months later another friend was leaving my house and heard something across the street making a low guttural growling noise which scared him straight to his car and out of there. He was an animal control officer for years and says nothing around here would make that noise.

Then about a month after that my boyfriend was taking out the trash. When he got to the front door he heard something scratching at the door and sniffing loudly. He said it sounded like a pig grunt sound, but obviously it wasn't a pig.

This past October my friend was sitting in his car in my driveway waiting for me to come outside. I noticed his doors were locked when I went to get in the car. He said he heard something that sounded kind of human but didn't know what it was and it scared him. Once I got in his car I told him everything I just wrote here and I ended my story to him saying, "A few months ago I saw something on Rt.422” and before I could say anything else he said "I saw it to!" So I asked what color it was and he described the exact same fur I saw. Then he said "When I saw it, it was running on 2 legs across the highway and once it saw my car it took off really fast like nothing around here would be able to." My heart was beating so hard listening to him tell me this because I know he wasn't making it up.

I was glad someone else saw this thing. He doesn't know what it was but said it was about 7-8' tall and looked nefarious. He agreed its legs looked evil. He saw it around the same time of year as me and it was about the same time of night too. I drive this highway all the time and look for it every time but haven't seen it again.

That's about it for that story. I always wonder if any other people saw this thing and what the hell it was." W

NOTE: Butch Witkowski and I are continuing to gather information on these sightings / encounters. Pottstown and the area south on Rt. 422 (both in Montgomery County) are known for cryptid and UFO activity. Lon