Monday, March 1, 2021

Todd Sees Death Investigation: Further Information Requested


During the Friday February 26, 2021 episode of Arcane Radio, Butch Witkowski and I discussed a renewed effort to gather further information in reference to the Todd Sees unexplained death investigation:

This has been an ongoing, though slow and tedious, investigation. The most up-to-date information is located at this link. It is well-known that many aspects of this case have been hidden and removed from public record. Through sheer determination and luck, the full official autopsy report was acquired by our team. The property was again thoroughly documented and photographed in 2015. Other witnesses had come forward to assist in the investigation, but we need more help from the public, especially individuals who were part of the actual search.

We have always maintained that investigators should work hand-in-hand to find the truth, but also give credit where credit is due. We have been committed to gathering and reporting the facts in the matter of Todd Sees' disappearance, death and recovery.

In the meantime, any new information concerning this incident is welcomed. Please forward to or go to UFORCOP contact...Thanks. Lon

2/2/2014 The Todd Sees Incident Briefing & Roundtable Discussion

BOAA822: Lon Strickler / Butch Witkowski

Brief Synopsis of the Todd Sees Case

The disappearance and eventual death of 39-year-old Todd Sees has been one of the most mysterious cases in modern ufology.

In the early morning of August 4th, 2002,Todd Jeffrey Sees rode his ATV, starting at his home at the base of Montour Ridge in Northumberland County, PA. (Point Township), on a short jaunt up a mountain trail adjacent to a sprawling high power line. After he failed to return home by noon, the family became concerned and notified the authorities.

A massive search effort ensued, which included search & rescue personnel (with search dogs and helicopters), local & state police, as well as an organized search team that numbered 200+ volunteers. The entire area from the top of the ridge, adjacent woods and the family property was explored, including a small pond located 70 feet from the Sees house. Divers and dogs searched the area in and around the pond, without success.

The effort continued for approximately 36 hours, until the second morning of the search, when a family member noticed something in the approximately 70 yards from the house. Todd Sees body had been discovered, in an area that was heavily searched the previous day.

Since that time, there has been very little information released to the public. The death was ruled as 'fatal cocaine toxicity,' despite evidence in the autopsy report suggesting that something else most likely occurred. The circumstances involving the recovery, handling, autopsy and final arrangements with the body are also mired in controversy.

A joint investigation by Butch Witkowski / Cold Case Unit of the UFO Research Center of PA and Lon Strickler of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team uncovered previously undisclosed information in regards to this incident. You can read about the case at Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality

PLEASE NOTE: Though the investigation continues, the team eventually formulated a probable scenario as to what occurred and why Todd J. Sees died. The only statement we could give at this time is that, as of 1/22/2016, the UFO abduction theory has a greater than 50% likelihood to have transpired in this case. This information is in accordance with the evidence we currently have. Lon