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Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in West Texas Flatlands (Follow-Up Report)



by Sharon Cornet

Lon Strickler’s initial report: Small Hairy Hominids Observed by Fossil Hunters in West Texas Flatlands

2nd WITNESS: RG2 (age 14)
LOCATION: 4 miles south of Fort Stockton, TX in the Davis mountains while fossil hunting
DATE OF THIS REPORT: 7/30/2020 (initial interview 7/14)
INVESTIGATOR: Sharon Cornet, Affiliate with Phantom & Monsters Fortean Research


RG and his daughter saw the 2-3’ high creatures as close as 50 yards away. He said they “Didn't look like a monkey… but I’ve never seen a bigfoot.” The four creatures had 5 fingers, were hairy head to toe except for their fingers, knuckles, and face. Their hair was not long but one was more bushy-headed than rest. Whether they were male or female is unknown. The diminutive beings stayed a safe distance away from them, but RG and his daughter both felt like they were being followed. They first saw them a couple miles or so out, and the little hominid-like creatures followed them out to the 3-4 mile mark, and then back towards their vehicle again. This happened one weekend after the Covid-19 lockdown started, around April of 2020.

The area is flat and open. There had been rain so green shrubs and sage bushes were present but no trees. The creatures were hiding behind the sage when he said, “I swear to God I saw something move!” His daughter said to "walk backwards" when they saw the creatures. The little guys rose up, looked like they were communicating somehow with hand gestures, but it was unknown if they talked. They took off suddenly, scattering. RG exclaimed, “Oh my Jesus! I’ve never seen anything close to that.” He wondered if what he saw was even real. RG2, his daughter replied, “Dad, it's real." He wondered, where could these things come from? Later, the creatures would come back together, following them once more.

They saw the creatures several times. “There was one,” RG explained, “then here comes the other one, then the other one, then the fourth one. I slipped and stumbled, but then they realized we were facing them, so they dropped down, scurried together, and then I chased them.” RG said he is 5'-7" and 300 lbs so he went after one to see it (not to capture it, just to see). He said, “The closer I got the further away they would scurry away. I couldn’t catch up… they moved as fast as a teenager in its prime." He chased them a total of three times.

After about 4-5 hrs he realized it was getting late and they had to get back to their motel. The creatures followed them back on their hike toward their vehicle. They had gone hiking out approximately 4-5 miles total. Ricky said the area has nothing out there but scrub, but the tiny hairy beings followed them almost all the way back, up to 1/2 mile toward the road. He and his daughter turned to see them and wave at them, but the creatures were gone.


NOISE: They heard a chipping sound similar to a ground squirrel. He thought they were like ground squirrels like back in Sweetwater (Texas, like prairie dogs, etc.) but he had never seen them out there.

HAIR: Reddish brown, one was lighter (fawn color)

HEIGHT: All four of them ranged between 2’-3' high

FACES: They had a wide mouth but they couldn't see any teeth (he has an astigmatism but did not have his glasses), broad nose, normal human-looking eyes, dirt-colored skin (whitish-sandy) like the dirt they were standing on (perhaps good camouflage).

ARMS: Normal size for their bodies, not longer or bulkier

EVIDENCE: Saw some footprints but looked like human footprints as if a kid ran through sand, just small… like a 10-12-year old age human child (they didn't count toes), bare feet. The feet appeared out of proportion for their bodies, possibly bigger feet (his daughter is size 5 yet theirs were close to same size—she is around 4’-10”). The footprints were a little bit wider than a human’s but appeared “well used”.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: He said he wished he had his dog with him, or a camera, but they did not even have their cell phones along. No other unusual events.

RG did relay this story, which also happened in the Davis mountains to his uncle (ex-army, deceased now) since he had once had a similar experience: His uncle said he saw pebbles bounce back, and then saw a little creature. This alarmed him so he took his knife out and it ran off. He was unsure if it was hairy or not, but his uncle had told him it was a little humanoid creature. When asked where his uncle had seen this little person, RG said they had gone up the side of mountain, maybe mid-way at the time of the sighting. RG said, “We may have been in the same area” when he and his daughter had the “little foot” sighting of the four hairy hominoid creatures.

RG’s teenage daughter RG2 said she was not comfortable talking about the incident because it had given her bad dreams.

MAP IMAGES: (see below)

Monday, March 8, 2021

El Paso Woman Claims Physical Attack by 'Desert Ape'

On Tuesday July 2, 2019 I received a telephone call from an El Paso, Texas resident who had a physical encounter with an unknown being. The witness, 'YP', along with her husband and young son, were enroute to an area southeast of El Paso in order to do some stargazing. YP had to relieve herself, so they stopped the car near some brush. She heard something moving about and witnessed a 7+ ft. hairy being emerge from an underground opening. It chased her and made contact on her back and legs. She fell and was on the ground trying to get away. In the meantime the husband tried to help her.

I needed to find a researcher / investigator in the El Paso area, and was directed to Bruce Cornet through Sharon Buydens Cornet (Sharon is a member of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research). Bruce contacted YP and submitted the following information:

Lon, went with YP, her husband and son to locality. She tried to explain what happened, but could not be certain of what bush she crawled under to escape her attacker, who touched her and scratched her. Mesquite thorns abundant, and did scratch her. Bruise-like injuries on her back she said were caused by touch, not blunt force. It was 10:00 pm and dark in those bushes, leading to her difficulty recognizing plants in daylight. Soil too hard for footprints. Method of creature rising up out of a hole not supported by evidence, which shows no burrow or circular disturbance. Grasses between bushes all laid down as if trampled. Shallow depressions with exposed soil everywhere, probably due to scavenging animals. Some broken branches and a couple bent trunks to Mesquite bushes. Strange. She did save shirt worn which was between skin and whatever touched her back. I told her to not wash it and put it in plastic bag to preserve any tissue from what touched her. Bruce

NOTE: the first four images were submitted to me. Bruce later submitted 4 additional images. Lon:

Bruce Cornet describes images below: Describing size of hole which creature emerged from, and how far it had emerged when she turned away and ran. She demonstrated how she crawled between bushes with creature behind her and grabbing her right leg, leaving scratches, which you already posted. She said its fingers sharp as if it had claws - not like Bigfoot fingers. May be another type of paranormal creature, not Bigfoot.

Sharon Buydens Cornet on her Desert Apes web page lists Bigfoot sighting near Horizon East Lake several years ago. Dry lake within two miles of new locality. YP was very emotional and wants her story known. I have to be concerned about hoaxing with no physical evidence other than scratches and bruise-like marks on her lower back. Her young son does talk as if event did occur.

Their two dogs accompanied them stargazing that far away from city lights. They became nervous, sniffed the air, then bolted, running away. I didn't meet their dogs. To the North in upper States and Canada, I saw documentary on wraith-like creatures that attack humans at night. They live near lakes. Bigfoot has fingernails like that of humans. Not claws. Her scratches look like narrow sharp claws. She said her leg not near a bush when scratches occurred. She rolled on her left side and tried to kick attacker when it allegedly grabbed her leg. She had shorts on. Bruce

Sharon Buydens Cornet offered the following information:

A couple of thoughts from me about this. Although I prefer to keep it scientific, this story reminds me a lot of my last witness in this same area. Lon, I posted the link to my website and report on your wall yesterday. The lady also mentioned a hole in the ground (but the creature walking down into it rather than climbing up out of it), yet in daylight at the same location proved no opening was there — we even dig into the loose sand and checked the area and she insisted it was the right spot. What to make of it? Did this new witness have any knowledge of my website and that story? I would ask questions to the little boy and have him tell it as he remembered it happening.

Horizon City's Monster - El Paso Times - January 13, 2010

Another thought...too bad it was nighttime and all she could see was black. The hair of every Bigfoot sighting in the area that I’ve investigated shows three colors - a dark brownish-black, a reddish undertone, and a faded grey tips we think from sun exposure maybe (or old age, but I doubt this in every case). Also, another feature of arm hair (that I purposefully leave out of my reports) was not witnessed here due to the darkness. Too bad.

The claws like that I have only heard about from the “grinner” type of Bigfoot creature, but they are tall and quite thin rather than bulky. Did she say what his physique was like (maybe no chance to see it). If you scroll down on my webpage you’ll see an account by Larry Kelm who claims to have walked into a portal opening by accident while hiking and saw a grinner who had spade-shaped fingernails. Freaked him out and he backed out and ran miles to home. But he got a single tiny scratch on his neck as the creature tried to grab him, which later got inflamed and infected severely. This lady, two days after the scratches appears to be healing nicely. Only the bruises appear red on top of the purple color.

Grinners use portals, have claws/sharp nails, and grab aggressively at people, but this account seems to have some differences. If it’s the same type of being as my former witness in the same area, then it would not be a grinner’s body type and still be more in line with a regular Bigfoot creature of the southwest desert, which I have coined “Desert Apes”.

NOTE: JC Johnson mentioned a similar unusual breed of Bigfoot that inhabited the Four Corners area - very tall and aggressive with long talon-like fingers. I'm not positive that this is the same creature, but it is intriguing. Lon

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Cryptid Bipedal Canine Reported in Point Pleasant, WV

The following report is from Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Rob Shaw from Point Pleasant, WV:

Lon, this is the formal report I wrote up three days after the sighting, outlining the situation and sighting. If you have anymore questions, please let me know.

Jan. 14, 2014

A couple nights ago, around 11/1130 pm, a local young lady, had a very scary sighting of a creature she described as "like a werewolf, only scarier."

The location is locally known here in Point Pleasant as "Cats Eye", on Madison Ave. Two nights ago, this young lady was sitting on her front porch, an enclosed patio with a few large windows. One window open in the front, beside the front door, smoking a cigarette. It was after 11pm and visibility was good, up to 100 feet because of street lights. She said before this sighting, she had heard strange noises and the local dogs had been going nuts off and on without an apparent reason.

As she was having a smoke, she noticed movement, thinking it was someone walking down the railroad tracks. She looked up and saw something that "blew her mind". It was, in her words, a thing that had a head of a dog, almost exactly like a German Shepard, and was walking like a person on two legs. She said she saw it's eyes, and that's when she noticed it was staring at her. She said that she "became lost in its eyes". Any other description, she cannot recall clearly after seeing it look at her and then her seeing it's eyes. She did tell me that it was either dark colored and almost had the look of wearing an oversized black sweatshirt, (as in meaning it was rather large/bulky in the upper body. RFS) but she didn't think it was a sweatshirt, but hair or fur. I asked her to clarify this. She said that's really the only thing she noticed and can remember, other than the head and description. She said the height was in the neighborhood of six feet, maybe just a bit less. She stated several times how the eyes "drew her in". She said the creature took a couple steps towards her, and at that time she saw a flash of light. The creature looked towards the direction it was originally heading and in a very quick movement, spinned and took off the direction it came from. The brief flash of light, she soon found out, was her mothers headlights as she turned into the road. She repeatedly asked her mother if she seen anything near the railroad tracks when she was near home. She said no, nothing, however she was not paying much attention because she was late getting in and was tired.

What I consider very interesting about this is the government installation, located directly across from the witnesses home, has an array of cameras installed over the entire property. It's also patrolled by armed guards. It's too bad we will never be able to see it, but I'm almost certain that this creature was recorded on their cameras.

Robbie Shaw

Below are the maps I made to show detailed description of the events (click images for larger version):

#1 - The area the witness has heard weird sounds, and is where the creature came from and retreated to. There is direct access to the Ohio River, a couple small ponds, and just about everywhere else with the very small possibility of being seen.

#2 - The government location. 'Logistics' is what the sign says on the front. Dubious rumors have been rampant in this town for years about exactly is going on here.

#3 - Home of witness.

#1 - is direction of travel of creature, when first seen. She had a pretty good view IMHO. 25 feet away.

#2 - this is where her mother turned in, from 26th Street and was heading towards the home, when her car/approaching headlights made the creature retreat. The blue line, in reverse, is the way the creature left. I think her mother did not see it, possibly because of the tree beside the tracks. I'm pretty sure you think as I, regardless of anything else, these things are smart. Possibly every bit as intelligent as Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I think this is a very credible witness, and the experience has had a very critical impact on her thinking and viewing of the world.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Todd Sees Death Investigation: Further Information Requested


During the Friday February 26, 2021 episode of Arcane Radio, Butch Witkowski and I discussed a renewed effort to gather further information in reference to the Todd Sees unexplained death investigation:

This has been an ongoing, though slow and tedious, investigation. The most up-to-date information is located at this link. It is well-known that many aspects of this case have been hidden and removed from public record. Through sheer determination and luck, the full official autopsy report was acquired by our team. The property was again thoroughly documented and photographed in 2015. Other witnesses had come forward to assist in the investigation, but we need more help from the public, especially individuals who were part of the actual search.

We have always maintained that investigators should work hand-in-hand to find the truth, but also give credit where credit is due. We have been committed to gathering and reporting the facts in the matter of Todd Sees' disappearance, death and recovery.

In the meantime, any new information concerning this incident is welcomed. Please forward to or go to UFORCOP contact...Thanks. Lon

2/2/2014 The Todd Sees Incident Briefing & Roundtable Discussion

BOAA822: Lon Strickler / Butch Witkowski

Brief Synopsis of the Todd Sees Case

The disappearance and eventual death of 39-year-old Todd Sees has been one of the most mysterious cases in modern ufology.

In the early morning of August 4th, 2002,Todd Jeffrey Sees rode his ATV, starting at his home at the base of Montour Ridge in Northumberland County, PA. (Point Township), on a short jaunt up a mountain trail adjacent to a sprawling high power line. After he failed to return home by noon, the family became concerned and notified the authorities.

A massive search effort ensued, which included search & rescue personnel (with search dogs and helicopters), local & state police, as well as an organized search team that numbered 200+ volunteers. The entire area from the top of the ridge, adjacent woods and the family property was explored, including a small pond located 70 feet from the Sees house. Divers and dogs searched the area in and around the pond, without success.

The effort continued for approximately 36 hours, until the second morning of the search, when a family member noticed something in the approximately 70 yards from the house. Todd Sees body had been discovered, in an area that was heavily searched the previous day.

Since that time, there has been very little information released to the public. The death was ruled as 'fatal cocaine toxicity,' despite evidence in the autopsy report suggesting that something else most likely occurred. The circumstances involving the recovery, handling, autopsy and final arrangements with the body are also mired in controversy.

A joint investigation by Butch Witkowski / Cold Case Unit of the UFO Research Center of PA and Lon Strickler of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team uncovered previously undisclosed information in regards to this incident. You can read about the case at Alien Disclosure: Experiencers Expose Reality

PLEASE NOTE: Though the investigation continues, the team eventually formulated a probable scenario as to what occurred and why Todd J. Sees died. The only statement we could give at this time is that, as of 1/22/2016, the UFO abduction theory has a greater than 50% likelihood to have transpired in this case. This information is in accordance with the evidence we currently have. Lon