Sunday, December 20, 2020

Report: Witness Describes a Lifetime of Bigfoot, UFO, Ghost & Alien Being Encounters

A Pulaski, Tennessee native describes his lifetime of unexplained encounters, including Bigfoot, ghosts, UFOs and alien beings. The investigation was conducted by Marcus Ellis.

The following report was submitted by Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team member Marcus Ellis:

The following case was assigned to me by team leader Lon Strickler on 12/01/2020

Witness Interview Dates: 12/06/20 and 12/14/20

Witness name has been withheld. Referred to as 'William' in the report

The time frame for the following events took place between 1975 and 1977 when William was 12 years old and his brother was 14 years of age. William is retired United States Air Force and National Guard.

Case Details and Information:

When William and his family moved into the old house they instantly knew something wasn't right about it. Almost immediately he, his older brother and their mother noticed strange odd things about the home. The sound of footsteps throughout the house at all hours of the day and night when no one else was present, items being moved from one place to another along with the sounds of large items being dragged across the floor and spectral figures appearing and disappearing in full view of the family. This was only the beginning – far more frightening events would take place. Events that William would scarcely be able to come to grips with.

Pulaski, Tennessee is small quaint college town located along the states southern border. Named after famed Polish born American Revolutionary war hero Casimir Pulaski, the town is about 75 miles away from the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. The old house, as William told me was built during the revolutionary war era which added an additional layer of mystique to the place.  

It became clear to the family that their house was haunted, when along with the activity previously mentioned, they discovered an old cemetery within 100 yards of the home. William told me that most of the dates on the standing headstones went all the way back to the 1700's and 1800's. Only later would they discover a huge possible reason why their new home was so active with paranormal activity and this ancient cemetery would play a large roll in it.

Inside the home, the family became acquainted with a female spirit that frequently made her presence known. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas this spirit would appear as a shimmering form and the smell of perfume would permeate throughout the entire house. This appeared to be the main spirit that hung about the home and William stated the family was never harmed or made to feel uncomfortable. However, another entity would makes it's presence known to the mother that wasn't nearly as accommodating.

As time went on, the family adjusted and got used to the old house and the surrounding woods. The home was deep in the rural countryside so trips into town and visitors weren't all that frequent. At one point, the two brothers found themselves to be the proud owners of what most young boys of that time longed to possess – Daisy BB Rifles. One cold winters day with snow on the ground and nothing better to do, the boys decided to slip off into the woods close to home and fire off their new prized possessions. On their way to a large rock outcropping, they noticed something highly unusual in the snow. A set of large, human like bare footprints going in the general direction of the rock face.

The footprints, William estimated, were 18 inches long. What was even more unusual was that one of the feet seemed to only have 4 toes on it. Puzzled, but not frightened by the odd find, the boys soon made their way to the large rock out cropping and loaded their rifles. Taking aim at a dark overhang, the two fired their weapons at the granite face, turned and started running back to the house. The older brother soon out distanced William and left him behind. After a short distance William had to pause and catch his breath for the final dash home. What he saw next would live with him to this very day.

After he stopped, something told William he wasn't alone. Turning to look behind him, he saw what was causing this sensation. Only of few yards away was a tall hairy creature, apparently male, 8 to 9 feet tall with a powerful, muscular build and huge massive shoulders. The hair color was a reddish brown and the length was short to medium. The creature had it's arm extended leaning on a tree, merely watching him in a curious fashion. William never felt threatened, but was clearly in awe of what he was seeing. Due to the huge amount of press and TV coverage at the time he knew exactly what he was looking at: Bigfoot.

William jogged back to the house, told his mom and brother what he had seen and all 3 went back to the spot where the creature was seen leaning against the tree. By this time, the Bigfoot had moved on and didn't seem to be in the area. This was the only time William ever saw Bigfoot on the property.

William did tell me that as he got older and started deer hunting in the woods, he would hear wood knocks along with limbs and trees being broken and snapped. He also stated that he was constantly finding native American Indian arrowheads on the property. My research has shown a consistent link between Sasquatch activity in areas where a strong Indian presence was. And, at times, a UFO connection as well.

About a year later William received his next big shock. This revelation would result in one final close encounter on a personal level, related to the home and circumstances, many years later.

Late one night after going into town, William, his brother and mom noticed a huge bright light in the sky descending towards their home. The light was bigger than a full moon according to William and once it became clear the object was going to land in the nearby woods the mom stepped on the gas and barreled into the driveway. By this time, the object was gently easing down in the exact same area where William encountered the Bigfoot! The mother rushed the kids into the house and locked all the doors and windows. William and his brother thought this behavior a little odd and questioned their mother about it. What she told them rocked their young minds to the core.

She told the boys that everything was going to be okay and that while they meant no harm she didn't want “The Aliens” to have easy entry inside the house. Upon hearing the word “Aliens” the boys quickly be came uneasy. She informed them that she had constant encounters with the beings inside the house late at night and in the early morning hours. She described them as small, 3 to 4 feet tall, with large eyes and Grey skin. She told them that they would appear in her bedroom, paralyze her and communicate with her. She said she was never taken out of the home nor did they perform any type of experiments on her. It unnerved her and of course she didn't like it, but at the same time she didn't dread it either. And, she stated, the Grey's liked getting close to the heater in the room.

Life continued in the home for the small family and while no more Bigfoot sightings occurred nor were anymore UFO's spotted, the activity inside the house continued. The female ghost would appear from time to time along with her strong pleasant perfume aroma, whispering would be heard throughout the house and orbs would flit about and pass by the family members and through the walls.

Everything culminated when the house unexpectedly caught fire and burned to the ground. William never stated what may have caused the fire but a shocking revelation occurred afterwards when the family was sifting through the ruins for anything that may have survived the fire.

When family and friends arrived and moved some of the ash and burned wood from the charred remains, they were shocked to discover headstones from the cemetery underneath the front porch and the bulk of the house! They found out that years ago farmers had partially cleared the cemetery grounds to make room for more crops and shoved the knocked over headstones underneath the house. This could possibly be a reason why so much paranormal activity took place in the home. At least the spirits weren't angry or upset with the family about this. Perhaps they were comforted with the knowledge that William, his mom and brother meant them no harm or disrespect and ultimately, didn't mind them hanging around.

With this event, the family moved away, and William passed into adulthood and began his own life. However, William had one more country home related encounter that took place many miles away in Nashville, Tennessee when he was 30 years old.

William had moved into a new apartment and after a hard day of work decided to turn in for the night. He soon fell asleep but was suddenly awoken, around 3 A.M., for reasons unknown, to find a bright glowing orb floating in the corner of the room. All at once the orb rushed straight into his face and exploded with such brightness it left William shaken and disoriented. As his eyes became adjusted once again, he noticed a figure standing close to his bed. As his eyes became more acclimated he realized he was staring into the eyes of one of The Grey's! With this realization, William passed out from fear and did not awake until the next morning.

After this frightening encounter William never saw the Grey intruder again, but he did have one last visit from something way beyond the norm.

William joined the United States Air Force and worked his way up into a very high position maintaining some of the larger aircraft the military used for certain big jobs. While I am aware of what this position and his rank was, I will not divulge it here for fear it may compromise William's current status with the Air Force.

On this day, William was onboard one of the large planes monitoring it's flight and performance. After reaching it's designated flight speed and altitude, William and the rest of the crew noticed a bright flash outside the plane just beyond the right wing tip. The flash soon came into view as a bright silver, thick, disc shaped object that seemed to pace the aircraft as it flew near Mount Rushmore at an altitude of 33,000 feet. William, extremely familiar with the aircraft in the Air Force's arsenal knew this was not something they were utilizing – this was a genuine UFO!

William went up to the cockpit to ask the Commander if they were seeing what everyone else was seeing. They confirmed that, indeed they were seeing it as well, but he noted, they didn't seem to be all that interested in it. I'm pretty sure that the Commander and his cockpit crew were interested but probably more interested in keeping their craft safe and functioning properly. And we have to remember that back in 2012 or 2013, when this event took place, a pilot didn't keep his flight status for very long after reporting a UFO.

William eventually retired from the military and lives a quiet life here in North Mississippi with his family. He has had no further encounters with the unknown or the paranormal. When I asked him why he was just now reporting all of the strange events, he replied that the more open, understanding atmosphere of the current time was conducive to him speaking up. And as he pointed out, he just plain ole needed someone to talk to.

After finding out about the Phantoms and Monsters research website and getting in touch with founder and leader Lon Strickler, Lon allowed me to take the case on and investigate. After interviewing William on two separate occasions, I found him to be honest, trustworthy, reliable and with his military experience, an expert witness. I would have to conclude that the events related to me by William, happened just as he reported them to Lon and myself.

This concludes this investigation. Special thanks to William for being brave and coming forward to share his accounts with me. A big Thanks to Lon Strickler for allowing me to investigate this fascinating case as well.

Marcus Ellis

Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team Member