Thursday, September 10, 2020

Armstrong County, PA 'Owlman'

The following is an update on 'Owlman' Twice Encountered in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania from Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research member Ryan Fusco:

Investigation for Owl Man sighting September 16th 10 a.m.:

Arriving at our witnesses location we found out right away that this man was very intelligent, and as you'll soon find out credible as well. DF was able to retell us the entire situation also compensating for the six years of tree growth on his property.

Right away we could tell that this man was not joking around from his off the grid solar panels that power two homes, a barn and a music studio. He also raises his own fish, veggies, and fruits. He's also a collector of stamps and various medieval weapons especially swords. DF started off by telling us of the account that is on the Phantoms and Monsters website.

In summary the flying beast he saw was between 5 and 6 ft tall, had a round head large black circles for eyes, small owl ears, very wide feathers and longer feathers attached as a bottom row that were anywhere from 6 to 7 in Long. It had a short-hooked beak and had three clawed talon for toes. He also added that it had a yellow gold color to its belly.

After hearing what DF had to say I trusted my instincts and asked if he had seen it more than twice. He said on a third account it was between 1:30 and 2 in the morning he and his wife were awoken by a startling sound he said that it was the sound of a woman screaming mixed with the screeching of an owl. DF ran to the window, opened it up and heard the sounds of and I quote "the sound that bones would make rubbing against a metal roof". At first, he thought it was coming from his well house but when he turned his head he realized it was on top of his barn. DF grabbed his bow. But by that time the creature had flown off. They owned several cats. In the morning their cat Leo was never seen again. DF and his wife swear that was the owl that took him.

Now there have been a couple of sightings of this thing, here and there through those six years. A family member of his and their son claims to have seen this creature eating or feasting on the side of the road of a deer carcass except this was at night it had red eyes shine, and at night owls eyes glow red when light shines upon them.

To wrap this up I was sent out here to investigate because he claimed he knew where this thing was coming from. The same place where he got a job just so he could find out if this thing really was there. By the way you don't make up a story and then seek out to get a job at a mushroom farm of all places, 8 miles east from his location.

At this mushroom farm they owned golf carts. They showed up the one day and they were missing. This happened day after day finally they installed cameras. They caught young kids between the ages of 16 and 18 with rifles driving on them. When they were caught, they were asked why? Their answers:

"There's a giant bat like creature with glowing red eyes at night that lives in these caves and mines and we've seen it leave and come back several times and we're here to kill it..."

Since then DF hasn't seen signs of this creature. But then again, it's Armstrong County anything can happen. Ryan Fusco