Sunday, November 12, 2023



A Greensburg, Indiana resident recalls a sighting of a bat-winged humanoid that was in a tree in his backyard. There was no sound and he never saw it fly away.

I received the following account:

"Hello, sir. This incident happened around 9 years ago in 2014 during the summer. At that time, we lived in a small subdivision near Greensburg, Indiana (Decatur County). My house was in front of a small forest area, so the backyard is a large clearing with lots of trees behind it, which is bordered by a fence my father built. In the backyard, there is also a greenhouse and a shed. Behind the trees is a small trailer home park.

I remember going outside on a cloudy day to get my dog since he was outside. He was outside for way longer than usual so I got worried and went to take a look.

As I went down the balcony steps to go into the backyard my dog instantly ran towards the trees and started to bark. I looked up at the trees and saw a purplish-colored humanoid figure about 6 feet tall with wings. The creature most likely saw me, and it climbed through the trees and bushes and attempted to fly up, but it couldn’t since the trees were so thick. I ran up the stairs to the balcony and watched my dog continue to bark. The creature had disappeared so I was worried about where it had gone.

I’m not sure what happened after this as my memory is quite foggy of this incident, but I’m guessing that I ran inside and hid.

I have no idea what this was, but I was intrigued by the winged humanoid sightings in the Chicago area and thought I'd write you. The shade of this being was distinctly purple in color and the membrane wings were bat-shaped. The head was fairly large compared to the body, but that was the extent of any details that I could see. It never made any sounds. I didn't see the wings fully unfurled." C

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

DWAYYO (UPRIGHT CRYPTID CANINE) Sighting Reported in Washington County, Maryland


A Hagerstown, Maryland couple was driving south on the Sharpsburg Pike, about 3 miles north of the Antietam National Battlefield when they observed an upright cryptid canine approaching the highway.

"My wife and I witnessed a Dogman-looking creature (possibly a Dwayyo) Monday night (8/7/23) while driving northbound on Rt 65 (Sharpsburg Pike) south of Rockland Dr. just south of Hagerstown, Maryland at approximately 2200 hours EST.

We had just left the AC&T (AC&T Travel Center) that's located at the intersection of Rt 65 and Lappans Rd after eating dinner there. It was dark out with the only light illumination being that from my own headlights, some street lights, and headlights from a single approaching car.  At the initial time of witnessing the creature, the approaching car was approximately 500 ft in front of us.

I was driving and my wife was in the front passenger seat.  As we were approaching Rockland Dr., something immediately caught my attention in my left peripheral. When I looked over, I saw what appeared to be a dogman-looking creature running at a super fast pace right towards the road from an open field. I quickly realized that if I maintained my own driving speed I might actually hit it if it continued coming across the road so I immediately came down pretty hard on the brakes.

As it got closer to the road, my headlights put some limited illumination on the creature but I never got closer than approximately 25-50 feet from it. As soon as I hit my brakes, my wife exclaimed, "What the hell is that?!" As it got up by the road, the approaching car started to make it harder to see due to its own headlights and we lost sight of it, never to be seen again once the car had passed us. We don't know if the creature crossed behind the passing car or not as we never witnessed it actually come onto the road. As crazy as it sounds, I don't know if it actually may have hurdled our vehicles and we didn't see it do that or what. With its speed and build, I would have to say that it very well may have had that ability to do so but obviously, I can't say for any certainty. We were both very shaken by what we had just witnessed!

My wife and I described our accounts of what we witnessed very similarly. It was running upright (on 2 legs) eastbound (from my left to my right) from an open field directly towards the road. It had dog-like legs (v-shaped with its knees most forward) traveling an estimated 30-35 mph. I've never seen anything on 2 legs run so fast in my life! Its legs were significantly smaller in proportion to the upper body. It was kind of narrow at the waist. Its body got larger (wider, bulkier) through the torso from above the waist up to its shoulders, being largest in the chest area. Its head was pointy (snouty) with 2 upright pointed ears.  It was completely black in color and appeared to be fully covered in fur/hair except around the face/snout area. Neither of us is super confident of seeing a tail as we were both more focused on other aspects of its build.

All I can say is that my absolute first thought when seeing it I immediately recognized it as being a Werewolf/Dogman-looking creature and they typically have been described as having a large bushy tail. My wife said the very first thing that caught her focus was how fast it was running and the shape and look of its head. She said she then took notice of its uniquely shaped legs. She is not super familiar with the cryptid field but when I showed her several different artists' renditions of what a Werewolf/Dogman may look like, she absolutely agreed that they were extremely similar to what she had seen. I also agree that this is what I witnessed as well.

Once we got home and continued to discuss this encounter, I began thinking this whole thing through to try and debunk it or come up with some kind of logical explanation as to how this may have been just an illusion or whatever you wanna call it. I have traversed this road in both directions probably well over 100 times in both day and night settings over the years, clearly never having anything anywhere close to this experience there ever before. I kept picturing in my head the area in which we witnessed this.

For the life of me, I was nearly certain that there was not a single thing in that field that could've possibly reflected off any light (structure, fence, wall,...etc.) to create a shadow effect. We drove back to this area later as I wanted to take the time to see if what we saw had been some odd shadow effect that had been created by the headlights of my car and/or the approaching car. We went back in the daylight and again at night and confirmed that the field was wide open there with absolutely nothing for light to reflect off of. We recreated the event as I drove in the same direction at the same location with oncoming traffic and was not able to reproduce a single aspect of what we had witnessed. This has left both my wife and I to conclude and be convinced that what we had witnessed was real. A physical creature.

While doing some light online research on possible similar sightings, I came across some articles about a creature named the Dwayyo. It has been documented to have been seen in Gambrill State Park and all along the Catoctin Mountains between Frederick, Wolfsville, and Thurmont, including in Cunningham Falls State Park where 2 Park Rangers claim to have witnessed the creature. After reading the creatures' descriptions from these witnessed accounts, I had my wife read them for herself. At this point, it is our belief that this is the very creature that we had witnessed that night." DM


"Throughout this particular day of our encounter beginning in the mid-afternoon hours, there was a very significant outbreak of severe weather that occurred in this region that continued into the early evening hours. This included torrential downpours, over 70 mph winds, large hail, and frequent lightning. There were successive severe cells that came through in waves throughout a several-hour time frame. The likes of this weather event hadn't been seen in this region in over 10 years. However, at the time of our encounter, there were no storms in the area. It wasn't raining and no wind to any degree whatsoever. It was a very peaceful night at this point as the last storm had passed through the area a few hours prior.

Could It have been possible that the creature had fled the mountainous area to seek safety as there had been very significant tree-falls along those mountains and surrounding areas during those weather events and it was on its way returning to its "home" when we saw it?  As the crow flies, as they say, the nearest mountain is approximately 10 miles away. With as fast as this creature was witnessed running, it would only take a relatively short time for it to get back up into the dense woods of that mountain range from which it has been witnessed in the past.  This was definitely the direction in which it was traveling when we had our encounter. No way of knowing for sure but just a thought." DM

NOTE: I interviewed the witness and can confirm his statements that were given to me personally and what was contained in the report. I was referred to this witness by another investigator who resides in Maryland.

The 'Dwayyo' is a moniker given to the upright cryptid canines first described by 19th-century German farmers, mostly Pennsylvania Dutch (High Order Mennonites), who had moved southwest into Western Maryland from their original locations in Lancaster & York PA Counties. Their descriptions were similar to the Old Country interpretations of 'werewolves' that were part of Central European culture and lore.

Here are a few links to related posts I have presented over the years"

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I found the witnesses to be very forthright and honest. There has been a recent spat of cryptid canine sighting reports throughout the Maryland Piedmont, along the Susquehanna River near the Chesapeake Bay, and parts of the Appalachian range. The Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team is actively investigating these incidents. Any updates will be presented to the public, on this site and the team site. Lon

Saturday, September 9, 2023

RED-EYED HUMANOID Observed Along Camp Pine Woods Roadway in Chicago


A recent sighting of the Chicago winged humanoid in the Camp Pine Woods near the Des Plaines River. The location is northeast of O'Hare International Airport.

"I was driving Thursday night at 10 p.m. (September 7, 2023) on my way to pick up food in the Glenview area. Prior to picking up my food, I had a super uneasy feeling. I felt very brain-foggy and just out of it. I really wasn’t focused. I want to think it’s stress because of working a 9-5.

So, as I was driving on W. Lake Avenue, I was listening to music and singing along to my favorite playlist I wasn’t really thinking much. I drove by the cemetery earlier on River Rd, which I hate driving by. I started, obviously, feeling pretty spooked, like out of nowhere. I don’t know why I was psyching myself out but I continued to not pay mind to that feeling and kept singing along to my music. It was Lady Gaga so I definitely was singing my heart out. So I kept driving. As I drove by the forest on W. Lake Avenue I quickly saw a strange creature standing still on the right-hand side of the road…

I wanted to believe it was a deer but this thing I saw was 6-7 feet tall standing upright. (Deer don’t do that?) It had a dark grey cement-like colored body and its eyes gave out the same red as bicycle reflectors do. That’s what made me look. When I quickly locked eyes with it my stomach dropped and I got so scared. The same feeling you get when riding a roller coaster.

I freaked out for a bit and I was thinking, 'Keep driving. Don’t look back. Don’t look back.

I quickly sped up to the upcoming light and intersection. I wanted to be around other cars and the intersection and more into businesses and buildings.

I kept telling myself “Nope. That was a deer. That was a deer. You didn’t see sh*t!”

I picked up my Bonchon chicken and drove on the highway back home instead.

I forgot about it and went to work the next day.

I kept thinking about it, so I told my co-worker what happened and what I saw. She’s into paranormal and conspiracies and told me of the 'Mothman' seen all over Chicago... especially around the O’Hare Airport area.

So, throughout my research, I saw the Google Maps sighting site and had to reach out. 

Again, I never thought I would be doing this. But, hey, here I am. Whatever these things are I hope they’re nice." J

NOTE: I talked to the witness and also referred her to Tobias Wayland, who will follow up with her. Very forthcoming witness, and descriptive. She had never heard of the sightings previous to her encounter. When talking to her I could tell that the incident affected her.

The being description was very similar to the previous sightings, though the wings were not unfurled at the time. Lon